5 TV Trends That Shouldn’t Be Trending


I am particularly snobby when it comes to my television, mostly because I have almost watched l i t e r a l l y everything (everything I think is worthy anyway). Why wouldn’t I be picky about what TV is left out there?

Here are 5 trends that shouldn’t be one:

1. Vampires

‘Twilight’ ruined it for everyone. I’m starting to feel personally offended every time I see a technically dead, cold, “soulless” creature on my screen. ATTENTION WRITERS: It’s time to open up your Greek Mythology book and find another supernatural species to spin off of.

2. 100 Season Runs

I can’t stand the we-will-never-slash-/-know-how-to-end-this thing. Nothing is worse than when a quality show slowly moves downhill because the writers have run out of content but still refuse to close the door. Just because you are still getting views doesn’t mean the show is still enjoyable. It means the fans are loyal AF. Please set us free.

3. High Fashion

Does anyone else think it’s strange that even though a group of teenagers are saving the world, they still have to time to shop for couture and put on a full face of makeup every morning? It’s so cringy when showrunners and costume designers overdo the wardrobe to prove they are “trendy,” especially when it doesn’t match the characters’ personalities or current storylines. People in distress don’t keep up an appearance like that.

4. Overused Dialogue

“You did it.”

“No, *we* did it.” 


“Hey, thank you.”

“For what?”


Wow. I am so moved. I have never witnessed the order or tone of these words before. I truly believe there is more than one way to say something, so why are the same sentences being re-written over and over again? It’s cheesy, unauthentic, and honestly kind of lazy.

“I could tell you… but then I’d have to kill you.”

5. Teasing

If you are going to tease it, then juST GIVE IT. Most of us aren’t actually fulfilled by episodes after episodes with no answers and more questions. Nothings wrong with a little mysterious build up, but when it’s been 6 seasons and we still don’t really know who ‘A’ is… The not-knowing actually becomes less interesting and more predictable. Right when the police move in on the killer you just know he won’t actually be there when they crash the scene.


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