Is ‘Monday Mantra’ Real?

Is it real?

Monday sucks. It just does.

Even if I start my Monday with a good workout or reading a sappy, “motivational” quote on Instagram, I still do not thoroughly enjoy all the pain that is a Monday.

Here’s how it goes: I start my day severely depressed that the weekend is over. The second half of the day consists of dramatic, exasperated sighs because I’m back at work and I have a week left of this imprisonment. Personally, I would be ecstatic if nobody said a single word to me on a Monday. I’m trapped inside my body most of the day, so I can hardly hold a discussion anyway. It would take something extra special to break through that fog.

Most articles are going to give you “5 Reasons Why Mondays Are Actually Great.” I’m not going to do that. I understand the idea of optimism, and I respect the optimistic species. However, I am here to propose the idea that it doesn’t actually impact everyone.

You could say Monday is an actual epidemic.

I diagnosed myself with the reoccurring 24-hour bug many, many years ago and I am here to tell you that you are not alone.

Mondays are “those” days where people walk too heavy and breathe too loud. The sky is greyer than usual. Our energy is a 0 on the scale. Grocery stores are more crowded. Clocks don’t understand how to pass the time. There should be a support group for this day.

What I’m trying to say is – We are going to feel how we feel, no matter what. We certainly shouldn’t feel guilty about that. Ultimately, it is up to our individual minds to decide how we are going to make it through the day. It’s not up to the rest of the world, even those closest to us.

The beginning of the week can always be a little overwhelming, and it’s hilarious when people think they can save you from that.

Me: “I’m stressed.”

Someone: “Don’t be stressed.”

OMG????? You are so0o0o0o right. I’m healed! I’m no longer stressed! My entire life and situation has changed since you suggested that I shouldn’t be stressed anymore. Thank you fellow human! Wow, I can’t believe it.

No. It doesn’t work that way. So, if some of us want to sulkily say, “Ugh. Monday,” every single Monday, then so be it. Never let someone else’s “mantra” make you feel like a negative person. Your Monday Blues are completely normal. It’s a feeling that most of the population cannot shake. I swear I will be an entirely different person who is full of enthusiasm once Thursday hits. BONUS!!! I will probably be straight up chipper come Saturday. If anything, accepting that Monday may be a bit dull will make every other day of the week that much brighter. It’s called reverse psychology and I did not study it, but I know the general meaning.

With all this being said, one can never be too positive either. Have your small victories. If you are a glass half full all the time type of person, more power to you. I cannot relate, but I will allow you to be that way if you wish. Even if I low-key judge the personal-panned sunshine following you around, I won’t make you feel out of place for it. I will probably even envy your consistency. I have friends who have full-blown mantras on Mondays. They post the quotes, take the happy selfie – all of it. Do I roll my eyes at them? Yes. Do I respect their ability to be that way? Also yes.

Everyone has a different time-released schedule of emotion. Negativity will slowly but surely become positivity. Even if it’s Monday and your positivity increases at 3mph, the point is that it IS increasing. It’s not a race, okay?

I sincerely appreciate all of your presences here on Earth (shout-out to my friends – you know who you are), but that’s ALL I need from you on a Monday.

Just presence. No sound.



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