Why Our 20s Are Not Tainted

Listen up. We have been SO dramatic.

Our lives are not “over.” 


Here are 5 reasons why our 20s are NOT tainted: 


One should not break a family plan. That would only be an inconvenience. One must stay on any and every family plan until they are at least 25. We can’t change this. It’s law. Most of our parents opt in and kindly agree to still cover the phone bill and gas card for a few more years. Some parents even offer you a bedroom in their home. Somehow, growing up actually makes you more dependent. Hey, as adults, we must never be afraid to ask for help. We shouldn’t let our empty bank account pride get in the way of that. 


We are not slowing down in the slightest. Our metabolisms, attention spans, cars and comebacks are still quicker than ever. Honestly, we are probably healthier than we were a few years ago as a college student, polluting our bodies with alcohol (any kind, no real preference) and fast food. We can burn this article in 20 years, but right now we should feel blessed for our youth and good looks. I think we are in the clear until someone gives us a birthday balloon that says “over the hill.” In our 20s, we are just barely nearing a slope. 

Note: This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start taking care of ourselves early on. (To avoid wrinkles, always dab your under-eyes lightly – never rub.)


Fun is allowed in the 20s club. Smiling, laughing, all of it is 100% okay. This is the best time to put ourselves out there and meet new people. Some of us need a new clique that nobody can mess with. Not to mention, socializing with others majorly improves our communication skills. Therefore, the social scene is part of our development. We are too old to play in the sandbox and too young to play Bunco, so if you think about it, parties and dating are the only way to gain the necessary life experience. Also, are we really “adults” if we don’t have a glass of wine every once in a while? Stressing out over a glass of wine is Adulting 101. 


Well… Okay, we are TRYING REALLY HARD. An empire won’t surface overnight. Word on the street is that Rome is still being built, so I mean??? However, we are starting a life that is entirely our own. We make the decisions. While that thought is high-key taunting, it’s also incredibly exhilarating. Our mothers said it first – “All you can do is your best.” We should take advantage of this time when it’s okay for our best to be completely below average. Bill Gates wasn’t born rich, am I right? (I am right. Look it up.)


We aren’t supposed to have everything figured out. We are allowed to change our minds and then change them again. This is our window to mature, evolve, and just in general, become rational human beings. This is what the elders describe as, “The time of your life.” It would be sinful to not recognize what we’ve got while we have it. We have time, we have energy and we have dreams! We should be painting the town red, or any color of your choosing. We should be paving a road and then, like, following it or whatever.


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