7 Things Girls Kinda HAVE To Do

7 Things Girls Kinda HAVE To Do, But We Actually HATE:


  1. Shaving

I can’t even use the line “I have no one to shave for,” because I still have to shave for myself. Let’s not lie – it makes us feel sleeker, smoother and even a bit sexier. The worst feeling is hairy legs under tight jeans. I swear layers of hair affect the way our pants fit.

  1. Drying Our Hair

It… takes… so long… though… Personally, I have so much hair that I have to take breaks. It’s not a simple task. There are layers to think about, round-brushes, and it’s just something we have to get done properly if we want to tame our manes.

  1. Repeating Ourselves

We are women and men don’t listen. We are constantly proving ourselves to those who are “superior.” That’s pretty much textbook. No means no.

  1. Smiling

If we don’t, someone will tell us to. They will back up their request with “you are too pretty not to smile” or “you would seem more friendly if you smiled.” No normal human being is always pleasant AND we can’t help how our faces rest. You can’t mess with fate.

  1. Asking For Non-Fat Everything

We are not trying to be cool or trendy when we ask for non-fat milk or gluten-free bread. We are genuinely looking out for ourselves. Have you noticed that guys can run off their fat in about 3 hours while the ladies spend months trying to remove an inch from their waist?

  1. Staying Poised

Men will never believe this… but we aren’t as angelic and graceful as we may seem. It’s rather uncomfortable to sit up straight and constantly “suck it in.” We would love to be as messy and loud as we are with our friends. Unfortunately, staying classy is expected of us.

  1. Wearing A Bra

Picture this: It’s the end of the day. You take off your bra and release the weight you’ve been constricting all day. You now feel free and limitless. Take it in because it won’t last long. You will soon be boxing, or cupping, yourself back up before you leave the house again. No loose baggage allowed.


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