The Kardashians Might Be Genius

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Before you assume that I’m their number fan and actually do think they share similar qualities to Einstein and Darwin, just know that by “geniuses” I mean “professional promoters.”

Has anyone else realized that all of the bad press they receive turns into good press a few weeks later? If not necessarily good, it at least brings the audience back to their social media pages and amplifies the number of views for the most recent episode of “KUWTK.”

I believe it began with Kim K’s sex tape.

Rather than burying the evidence, Marvelous Momager Kris Jenner instantly turned the scandal into a phenomenon. After that, every Kardashian controversy has only deemed them more popular. They used their platform on Broadcast television to push their sister stores, cosmetic lines, and any other tangible items that have their names attached. It really goes to show that being in the right place at the right time with a decent camera can brand anyone into a trending topic. They are similar to secret spies, planting distractions around the globe while they slowly infiltrate society and the system at large.

This next point may go without being said, but they make money off of EVERYTHING. They wouldn’t think of passing on anything they can sell and/or market off. Everything they touch turns into business. The moment they announced their Apps, and announced they would be charging buyers monthly for them, was the moment I decided they had taken it too far. Moving over into the world of technology was something I never imaged reality stars doing… but that was probably why they did it in the first place. It was one of the few regions they had yet to conquer. On a side and more disturbing note, there are so freaking many members of this family that sometimes I feel like at least one of them is watching me at all times.

My last thought is that maybe we, as an impressionable audience, are the ones at fault. We give into their stories and products. They cater to us because we are cater-able. If we stopped paying attention to the very abundant amount of content, they may consider not longer providing it. Anyway, the Kardashians might be genius.


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