Thoughts On Judgment

We Judge & Are Judged

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Judgment can actually control us, whether we are spending our time judging others OR spending our time worrying about being judged. We can improve ourselves by releasing these negative stances of superiority and of our own self-worth.

Everyone handles things differently.

The actions we take as we go about our day are ours alone. One should never pass judgment on another person for doing something that makes them feel good. One should never pass judgment on the way someone else reacts and resolves. There is no stronger or weaker. Sometimes, there is no right or wrong. Everyone handles situations in their own manner. Everyone has their own timeline. It’s important to step back and remember that nobody will ever do things the way you would.

Judgment is from our own insecurities.

I think judgment is a form of jealousy and competiveness. We look away from others who do what we aren’t able to. I have done so myself. I used to envy others who seemed happier and more carefree. I would try to find something wrong with someone who seemed to have everything going for them. I realized that those thoughts wouldn’t change anything. I also realized that I have qualities others may wish they had. It’s natural to compare ourselves to others. We must remember that comparing ourselves doesn’t make us any better or the person we are comparing ourselves to any worse. If anything, owning our individuality will get us farther. Self-acceptance can produce the acceptance of others. It will also help the grudge and displeasure we feel toward others to subside.

Feeling judged wastes just as much time as judging someone else…

It’s not fair that we are judged for sleeping too long or eating too much. It’s not your place to comment on my driving skills when you could have offered to drive yourself. I’m not doing my makeup to impress anyone, okay? I’m doing it for me. If you can’t take time off yourself like I can then that is your personal problem. It doesn’t mean I’m slacking. We can let the thought of “what will they think??” stop us from doing what we want or, more importantly, what we need. Most of us live this way subconsciously, always worrying about our public image and wanting to be liked.

While I have done and not done certain things out of fear of others’ opinions, I will never stop giving my own opinion. I think everyone should be overly confident and fearless of judgment in at least one area. My area is my mouth. I will always be honest. My opinions are backed by reasons and experience just like everyone else. Practicing the art of not caring is something we all need to exercise. Take it one step at a time. Choose your no-fear-of-judgment-region and run through it without backing down against the obstacles, or people. I have found that the other regions of our lives will soon follow, and hopefully we can become the embodiment of affirmation.

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