Why Belle Is My Favorite Princess


Photo Cred: http://www.newstatesman.com

I am obsessed with the idea that princesses can be more powerful than just their position over a group of people.

I don’t love Belle for her perfectly white-ribbon-tied ponytail, even though that was something I could never accomplish as a young girl. I, very sappily, admire her inner beauty just as she admires the inner beauty of others.

Belle has a loving heart, never willing to put someone else down or refuse to help. She doesn’t consider herself superior to anyone else. She is the least shallow person I don’t know, choosing to focus on the human qualities that really matter – A.K.A., what’s on the inside. In fact, I wish I could channel Belle for my dating life. Genuinely kind and accepting, she falls in love with an actual Beast while I spend time trying to find something, anything wrong with anyone I’m remotely interested in.

Belle is elegant in a simple way. She doesn’t put effort into her appearance, mostly because she doesn’t care what others think about her. She doesn’t define herself by her social status or even the Prince’s affection. Instead, Belle is her own person entirely. Belle is mindful and patient, always listening to her conscious. Her sophistication stems from her intellect, her sensibility, and her aspirations to find more in life. She has class beyond her societal ranking. Belle’s elegance comes from within, giving her an overall gracefulness I long for.

Belle’s intelligence cannot be matched. She’s cultured from her time spent “in other worlds.” She reads for herself, knowing it’s a form of escape and an education all in one. She even spreads her knowledge by teaching other young girls to read, much to the village people’s dismay. She understands that what you put into life is what you get out of it, and she realizes there is much more left to discover. Belle’s tenaciousness makes her a natural born leader.

Belle is brave to the bone, sparing her own freedom for her father by agreeing to stay with the Beast inside the creepily “alive” castle. Perhaps her bravest move was giving the Beast a chance, thus finding something there that she hadn’t seen before. And better yet, she was not too proud to admit that she cared for him. Not many people would give a Beast (or even an ordinary, unattractive human being) a chance at all. We can learn something from Belle, who will not lower her standards for other people, always knowing who does and doesn’t deserve her attention.

It’s 2017… maybe we should stop giving into the pressures of fitting into the traditional mold that we are expected of.





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