Anxiety Is Real & Absolutely Normal

It will affect us all at some point.

Nobody is immune.

This past year, multiple celebrities have opened up about their anxiety disorders: Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik, Adele, and Kendall Jenner, to name a few. They are certainly not the first, as other high profile names like Johnny Depp, Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone have been honest about their struggles with anxiety in the past.

Many people deem their anxiety to be the results of fame and fortune at a young age, drugs, adoring fans, and hectic schedules. While all of these elements are enough to make the best of us anxious, they don’t take away the seriousness of having an anxiety disorder at all.

Basically, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, everyone’s anxiety is just as real as the next persons.

No matter what your anxieties are, how big or how small, they are relevant and should be openly spoken about. Like celebrities, everyday people will deal with symptoms that others will not understand and/or try to “fix.”

As an anxiety disorder victim myself, I know anxiety is not something that can be explained. You should never ask someone to clarify why they are feeling what they are feeling because they may not even know themselves. Anxiety isn’t always circumstantial, meaning it’s not always caused by something or is the aftermath of a tragedy. That’s where the “disorder” part comes in. It took me months to understand that my anxiety didn’t really stem from anything. It was just a mindset and a mood that I would learn to deal with.

If you do have anxiety, I promise you the only cure is standing up to it. They day I accepted and stopped trying to deny my fears, was the day my anxieties took on a much smaller role in my life. You are naturally less afraid of something that you have a deeper understanding of. RESEARCH! Once you take the proper steps and learn how to control your anxiety, your anxiety stops controlling you. Never forget that you are 100% entitled to whatever you are feeling. You are NOT in any way abnormal. Emotions are just emotions. Some may stay longer than others, but they will all pass eventually.


Beginning steps in tackling anxiety (all which have worked for me):

  1. Talking about it
  2. Hearing the testimonies of others
  3. Educating yourself on your anxiety
  4. Learning how to take control of your mindset

2 thoughts

    1. Of course! Whatever you may be feeling, I have felt it before. I hope that this post helped you in some way or another. Xoxo

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