Why I Am Always Team Aniston


She’s always been radiant,

but now she’s fearless.

Photo Cred: toofab.com

If Jennifer Aniston wrote a book, I would buy a copy for myself, anyone I remotely care about, and maybe even a few extra copies for my unborn children (you know, just so it still feels “new” by the time they actually read it.)

The best thing Jen ever did was speak on the exact issues that the media used to bring her down. She took their own words, in great specificity, and used them against the cheats and liars of Hollywood. Talk about calling someone out.

Amazingly, she has learned and pretty much mastered how to stand up for herself in the public eye. The world has deeply criticized/analyzed her for pretty much everything for the past two decades, undeniably focusing on her marital and maternal status. She has publicly announced that she is perfectly content with her life, her relationships, and her work. She publically added that SHE is the ONLY person who can decide what makes HER happy in the first place.

I truly don’t believe fame or fortune has changed her. While she has vividly evolved as a human being, strong female figure, and actress, her soul feels the same underneath. She is independent, yet enduringly self-deprecating. She works hard, but has never come across as someone who takes themself too seriously. I think Jen is intelligent. I think she knows what feels right and wrong to her on a personal level, and I’m assuming she makes her life decisions accordingly. Over the years, it seems she has inspired and supervised her own value, motivated to avoid negativity, accept circumstances as they come, and only keep those in her life who deserve to be there.

I can’t be 100% certain about any of this, of course, but I believe that what we are privileged to see is the real, true, genuine self that she graciously shares with the world.

If you want more proof of her class and strength, (click here) for the most honest celebrity article I’ve read in a long time.


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