MILLENNIALS: Are We Doing It All Wrong?


The answer is NO.

We just refuse to settle for less.

I think we are all getting reaaaalll tired of the previous generation labeling us as “selfish,” “unreasonable,” “irresponsible” and, of course, “entitled.” How can we be considered any of those things for simply knowing what we want? Our energy is more positive than that.



We are definitely the dreaming generation.

Honestly, to think that there is any group of non-dreamers out there is the saddest news in the world. I can’t fathom a life where I don’t know there is always more out there, a life where I settle for what’s expected of me in a traditional sense. As a group of youths in present time, I believe most of us put ourselves first, but we are not being intentionally selfish. We are emotionally driven and the best part is, we don’t push those emotions away. Instead, we listen to them closely because we know that if something is constantly on our mind, it’s worth following through. “Pipe dreams” don’t have to exist. We don’t have to limit ourselves. We only want more because we know we can be better.



You can say we don’t think rationally, and maybe we don’t. But how long will rational be satisfying? Sure taking the job that is easy to land after graduation is rational, but how long until we are bored out of our minds? How long until the job we dislike keeps us from going after what we love? We have the rest of our lives to work, so why burn ourselves out from the get go? I think all we really want is to truly enjoy ourselves. We are a bit untamed and unpredictable, but we are just seeking our best life. We may struggle financially for not taking that office job, but we will feel content knowing that we are chasing real happiness. Now more than ever, our generation has to make things happen for ourselves. We have to create positions that tailor to our own talents and creativity.



They say we are wrong, but we are just different.

(To be clear, “they” refers to those who shut down any idea of change and nonconformity. Not everyone in the previous generations fall into the category of “they.” There is a minority group within them that tell us to reach for the stars. Those are the elders that sincerely lead by example.)

Settling is another form of restricting ourselves to please others. Why would we oppress ourselves when the world is trying to do that very thing? They trick us into not speaking our minds, they scare us into settling for the simple route, and they deem anything remotely unique or unconventional as unrealistic. Is it wrong to think that maybe they are just intimidated by our fearless optimism that everything will work out in our favor? Maybe we are doing what they always wanted to do, and what they never did. ALL of us are entitled to our individual desires and our paths of choice. The Millennials are working from a new model. We are leading an advanced movement built on our inner lights and truest aspirations.


My friend Nic Mora recently started a Millennial-based segment called “The Participation Trophy.” For more Millennial talk, go visit her channel: Give Me Mora



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