Girls, You Need Your Girls.

I truly believe having deep relationships with others who are not family or lovers is extremely important for our souls.


The majority of my most special relationships are with my best friends. They keep me going on a personal and social level. It’s amazing to confide in someone on a daily basis that sincerely understands and “gets it.” We are in this together, just trying to figure it all out and just live our lives to our best ability. Best friends inspire our best selves.

As someone who is not a dater and has never been in a long-term, dreamy relationship, my connection with my friends has helped me strive in more ways than one. They keep me human, they kept me honest, and they kept me light on the inside. Sometimes, friends are the only people we have any real emotional connection with. Not everyone is close with their family. Not everyone wishes to be in a romantic relationship all the time. However, everyone wants to feel something at the end of the day. Everyone wants to love someone else and be loved in return. Friends are a miraculous way to have ALL of that (platonically), minus the drama and heartache of romantic partners and family-ties.

Memories, ones that last and have a way less chance of ever tarnishing, are made with friends. Sober and not sober, good and bad, memories with friends are timeless, and are always a constant cause of laughter. I love having our own language that nobody else quite understands. I love the “moods” we can get in that are driven by giggles and borderline delirium. You know it’s real when you can sit in silence and not have to fill it. Just the presence is enough. You know it’s real when they bring you the most comfort in a crowded room.

My favorite friendship concept is what I call “The Broad Spectrum.” By that, I mean the scales of each other that we are able to see. No matter the range, we accept the best and the worst. If anything, we are the only ones who see each other’s worst. In fact, sometimes we show each other our worst on purpose because, logically, we can’t get away with keeping it to ourselves, but we will ONLY share it with someone that we trust. It is reassuring to know that there are people you can show your full, genuine self too. It’s even more reassuring to know that any good friend will not view you differently for doing so.

Friendship is a true form of forgiveness. We forgive our friends for the rough patches. We all need someone that we know we can never scare away.

Take ease in the fact that friendships don’t have to end. They can outlast any other type of relationship. It’s a genre of closeness that doesn’t have a deep strain on it. There isn’t the continual fear of, “When might this be over, and what will happen to me when it is?” We can count on friendship, you know? It’s trustworthy and honorable.

The gift of friendship itself is just as wonderful as the people who we create it with can be. Some of us may have multiple meaningful alliances like this, while others have yet to experience it. Connections don’t lie. These friendships don’t need to be forced or contrived. There is not a timeline or rule book for making a life-long friend. It’s that saying, “You know when you know.”



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