You know those people who wait every week for their favorite TV series to air? The ones who either – surprisingly – watch it live, record it, or catch it in the next few days online? Yeah, why do we have to do that? Why does anyone want to? I do not.

If I could, I would move every show to a streaming platform that, get a load of this, would release a season worth of episodes ALL AT ONCE. CAN YOU IMAGINE? I can, because a lot of outlets like Netflix already do that. Hulu/Amazon, you are cool too, but you still make us wait an entire week even when it’s one of your online original series. I’m not trying to be dramatic. It’s just that waiting can be miserable. Life is too short to not give us what we want need when we want need it. Ya feel?

I get WAY more emotionally invested when I can binge my show back to back. I never lose touch or check out because it’s there 24/7 until the heartbreaking, untimely moment when you watch that series finale. (Series Finales are a topic we will cover another time.) When I have been forced to wait, I become distracted and, honestly, less invested. Maybe that’s because most of the shows on network TV are not as good as the ones streaming online as a whole? Or, maybe because I feel like TV isn’t as good as it used to be and I choose to live in the past by revisiting past shows that I never watched at the time? I love that we can find TV online at any time, but I STILL NEED MORE. When I say MORE, I don’t just mean more exposure or MORE episodes. I mean MORE content. I guess I’m selfish.

Basically, my shows are my best friends and I want them there for me no matter what.

I need new and creative, and I believe these new and creatives will originate on digital platforms that are solely dedicated to their audience’s choice of consumption. Not just the consumption form, but also the consumption pace, as well. There are so many stories to discover on these platforms. In fact, I haven’t watched an episode live on network television in years. If there happens to be something I am interested in, I wait until the season is over, all of the episodes are online, and I BINGE them all at once. I mean, there are worse ways to binge right? I’m totally fine with the real, tangible televisions going out of style. It’s a progression I believe most of the world is on board with. If you aren’t, then you probably won’t be around that much longer anyway.

P.S. I would like to give a shout-out to my younger self, who suffered day and night without streaming platforms, forced to watch re-runs and sadly attempt to be on the couch by 7pm in hopes of not missing Degrassi: The Next Generation or Dawson’s Creek. That’s right, a lot of us made it through that and I think those many years of drought and desperation molded us into the people we are today.


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