Disastrous FYRE Festival Was Bound To Happen

This “music festival” disaster is actually hilarious. What kind of organizers “just aren’t ready” when the crowd (that THEY went out to for ticket sales) shows up? It’s not like they were unannounced. I’m not sure why I got such a kick out of Fyre’s meltdown, but keeping up with it online was like reading an Apocalypse drama set in the wilderness of the Bahamas.

Photo Cred: youredm.com

In summary, Fyre Festival was meant to be this exciting new venture for festival culture. Attendees were promised “an exclusive musical experience.” There would be Villa-like housing, prepared meals by professional chefs and, of course, live music by major artists like Blink-182. Seems like your wishful Bahamian vacation, huh? WRONG. They made promises that they couldn’t keep.

The fact that it was intended to be this 5-star outdoor concert in island paradise was out of league anyway. Tents aren’t the typical choice for resort-like residing. The worst part about the (already mediocre) tent living was that they didn’t have enough to go around. Attendees described the scene much like a refugee camp. Festival workers were scrambling to provide sleeping arrangements and decent snacks. Guests definitely DID NOT get what they over paid for. They basically spent their time and money to be on the next episode of “Survivor.”

This ain’t no Coachella people.

People weren’t allowed to leave, either. They were trapped in the chaos, as the island ins-and-outs were shut down. That is terrifying. Considering the way the world works these days, I probably would have assumed it was all a major ploy. I would have called my friends and family to tell them I loved them, declaring that it was my last day on earth.

Maybe I’m a tad bit over the music festival frenzy (let’s be honest, the Coachella hype is exhausting), but I think this festival fail was meant to happen. The expectations were unrealistic and the “bros” behind it… Well, they didn’t fully understand what they were getting themselves into. I don’t think organizers Ja Rule and Billy McFarland will ever be trusted again. In fact, they are being sued.

Left and right, celebrities pulled out of their appearances. Opening acts decided the conditions weren’t good enough to perform under. I mean, who would want to admit they were once part of this mess? I feel sorry for the scammed attendees, but watching the organizers squirm and attempt to explain themselves has been thoroughly entertaining. The best part of Fyre’s apology was when they claimed, “The Fyre Festival is a dream and vision that we poured our hearts and souls into creating, and it fell dramatically short of even the most modest expectations…”

LOL. At least they know.


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