Harry Styles Gets It


Harry Styles is currently on fire, burning through charts and hearts everywhere. This solo thing? Yeah, it’s totally working out for him. His first single “Sign Of The Times” was #1 worldwide, and his first solo tour just sold out in mere seconds. SECONDS. But beyond that, he is putting music out that is unlike anything else right now. Nobody has successfully brought back British Rock & Roll. Nobody who is already on a pedestal launches their solo career by committing to such a different genre. Harry Styles is doing just that.

If possible, Styles is about to become even more massive. Here’s why:

He isn’t running from his past.

One Direction. Ever heard of them? Yeah, Styles is not denying the boy band changed his life. He is proud of the band and their accomplishments. He treasures the relationships he built during those years. Even better, he is open to speaking about it. He understands that the band will forever be a topic brought up in interviews, even during his solo stretch. He has no regrets; only appreciation. He isn’t another Justin Timberlake because he isn’t putting the phenomenon behind him. Although he is currently on a different path, he is open to a future with the band. He doesn’t feel like he is above it. 

He truly understands his fans.

Styles defended his fan base last month when he blessed the cover of Rolling Stone. “How can you say young girls don’t get it? … Teenage-girl fans – they don’t lie. If they like you, they’re there. They don’t act ‘too cool.’ They like you, and they tell you.”

It’s a musical movement. These young girls are about to discover and fall in love with a genre that they wouldn’t be exposed to otherwise. The best thing Styles did was not sell out for what is popular right now. He gave his teenage-girl fans his full confidence by delivering to them the unexpected. He trusted them to give it a chance. He put out what he loved, hoping his fans would love it just as much. And they did. Thousands of teenage-girl fans are about to parallel groupies from the 80s. Which is AWESOME. Not to mention, he will certainly make new fans along the way. 

He is breaking borders.

The man himself is a game changer. His fashion sense is completely original and even a little risky. He owns outfits that others wouldn’t dare try to pull off, (they probably couldn’t pull it off like he can anyway), and he is breaking the gender norms. He shops in the female department, picking out loud and ruffly blouses to sport on live television. He likes tight pants, black nail polish, and glittery boots. And if you want to talk about what’s on the inside, he is original in that aspect, as well. How amazing is it that someone so successful and adored can also be so generous and grateful.

He is known for his cool charisma and good hair, but what about his heart? 10/10 say it’s just as golden. 

He is creating a new presence for Rock & Roll.

We NEED him right now. He is bringing in a refreshing take on artistry and young Hollywood. If Classic Rock is here to stay, we need someone like Styles to bring it back with a familiar, but more modern approach. So far, he is nailing it. His first single was a total rock anthem. It feels like a stadium full of people holding up their lighters (or cell phones). Every debut he has made has been a true “moment.” He is slowly but surely impressing those who pre-judged the cheeky lad. He has the potential to be the Freddie Mercury of our generation, and we don’t have one of those. He’s inspired by the oldies, but progressive enough to give it a present, Styles-based twist. It’s 100% authentic. This movement comes from him and nobody else. It has been inside of him all along, waiting for the perfect time to unleash.


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