Things My Mother Taught Me


My Mother taught me to… “Just take it one day at a time.”

My Mother keeps me center. Because I still have a dependency problem at 25 years old, I still call my Mom when anything even remotely “important” is going on. She always has a solution. Over the years, I’ve noticed that her tagline is, “Just take it one day at a time.” That simple statement always had the ability to make me feel better. It reminds me to never rush for answers. It reminds me that I’m not always going to be in control of my life, and sometimes, all we can do is get through the day until we get through the week. My Mother never expected me to know all the answers or be perfect in any way. She just wanted me to try my best. My best was always good enough for her.

My Mother taught me to… Speak Kindly

My Mother is the sun. Because I come from a line of Mothers and Grandmothers who are angels on earth, it’s hard to believe we come from the same DNA. My Mother has a patience I don’t think I will ever be capable of. She treats everyone with absolute grace. I truly believe that when strangers come across my Mother, they walk away with a little bit of her inner light. I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes, in a drive-thru or at the mall… she is open with everyone. It inspires me not to just “be nice,” but to make someone else’s day. I want to spread around some of my own inner light. She helps me remember that our words are powerful, and not to be used impulsively.

My Mother taught me to… Be An Example

My Mother is an example of Godliness. She is an example of class and dignity. She reminds me to be generous at heart and uplifting in spirit. It’s not that she overly cares what other people think, but she does care that I always put my best self forward and out into the world. My Mom is an example of strength… strength that I hope to acquire when I need it the most. She provides answers to those who ask. She guides our family down a respectable path, coming to our rescue on a daily basis. My Mom is an example of loyalty. Not once in my life have I felt that I couldn’t depend on her. She proves to me that selflessness does exist. Her love moves mountains.

My Mother taught me to… Pray

My Mother is a powerful prayer warrior. She understands how prayer works and has passed the practice down to me and my siblings, always prompting us to ask for help during the hard times and stay grateful during the easy ones. I’m certain our family’s blessings stem from this devotion. Her service protects the rest of us. It’s nice to talk to my Mom about something that is bigger than ourselves. She is always prepared to answer questions, educate others, and stand up for what she believes in. She taught me to look for signs from our higher power, trusting that His plan for me is better than what I had planned for myself. If I could inherit anything from her, it would be her unwavering faith.

My Mother taught me to… Celebrate Me

My Mother wants me to feel beautiful. She wants me to be the best version of myself, full of confidence. She assists me with my self love every single day. She has consistently supported my hopes and dreams, telling me I could be whatever I wanted to be. Her support shipped me out to a new city, branded the confidence in me to put myself out there and know that I can always do what I think I can’t. Mothers are our biggest fans, but they are also our most honest critics. You know when they are truly proud. You know when they are truly disappointed. I try to keep myself in check through my Mother’s eyes. She sees the best and worst of me. And, of course, loves me unconditionally no matter what. Right Mom?

My Mom is my friend. Remember how I said that I probably call her too often? Most of the time, it’s not because I need something. I just want to talk to her. Whatever happens, big or small, good or bad, my Mother is the first person I want to tell. How awesome is that?


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