7 Things Girls Don’t HAVE To Do

7 Things Girls Don’t HAVE To Do, But We Actually LOVE:


1. Pampering Ourselves

Believe it or not, having a fresh set of nails affects our moods and overall success. When we look good, we feel good. And when we are happy, it escalates the overall happiness of anyone in close proximity. Pampering is another form of therapy without actually having to speak to anyone.

2. False Lashing

When our lashes feel like the fluttering wings of a butterfly, we grow increasingly more powerful. Elegance radiates off of us. It’s as if we can get anything we want just by making direct eye contact. The focal point of our face suddenly becomes the focal point of the room. We are fierce. We are beautiful.

3. Having Major Sass

Why? Because we can be as insulting and condescending as anyone else if we want to be.  As females, our sass delivery is like a slap in the face. Don’t underestimate our ability to put people in their place. Overtime, we have been forced to bring out the attitude just so they will listen. It’s the world’s fault. We are just responding appropriately.

4. Talking

We enjoy it, okay? We run the conversation, and we control the tone. Girls actually say what they are thinking. We want others to know how we feel. Not to mention, talking is actually the healthy way to deal with something. It’s a real talent to be able to talk to a wall. Don’t be jealous.

5. Looking At Ourselves In The Mirror

Sometimes, all we have is our reflection. Our entire lives could be unraveling at the seams, but if we look put together, we feel put together. Or, we can at least successfully fake it until we make it. Our appearance is a mask. Since we are criticized for our emotions, looking our best is just another way of hiding them.

6. Hanging Out With Other Girls

It’s a different kind of comfort level. Even the girls who claim, “I only have guy friends,” secretly enjoy spending time with a group of females. No borders are placed. We can be as loud and messy as we wish. We don’t have to be our classiest selves, or suck it in and sit up straight. We can just be people.

7. Claiming Chocolate Is Good For Us

Dark chocolate, along with red wine, are supposedly good for our hearts. Why wouldn’t we take care of our hearts when boys destroy them all the time? Also, we are no longer scared of society’s famous quote, “Once on the lips, forever on the hips.” Curves are sexy now.


3 thoughts

  1. Oh. I LOVE YOU.

    oh I was really bored and I started your topic reading it out loud (because again I’m bored) and I laughed when you mentioned our love to talk.

    I enjoyed reading it 💕

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