Pop Music Is C00l

There are people in this world who are “too good” for Pop music. By “too good,” I mean pretentious folks who don’t believe that Pop can fall into their non-commercial, alternative world.

I believe that most of those “too goods” don’t even know that they are enjoying Pop music on a daily basis. They have a narrow opinion of what they think the sound is, and what the sound stands for. For the record, I’m just as snobby as the next person when it comes to most of the arts. However, I know that Pop music provides a key foundation for ALL music. It is the underlying character of multiple genres, and is not to be ignored. I love Pop music – the old and the new. 

Pop just means “what is popular,” right?

And not even just a popular song, but the popular sound as a whole. Popular is “regarded with favor, approval, or affection by people in general.” Popular is trend setting. Popular is groundbreaking. Popular is the majority. Pop isn’t really a guilty pleasure. It’s an origin of every beat that they love. Fortunately, Pop welcomes bandwagon fans. We depend on them. It’s never too late to admit your love for the well-liked.

What Pop IS:

  • Maybe the only genre not bound by age or gender.
  • Home to the elite artists of the world. Michael Jackson or Madonna anyone?
  • A timeless sound that has always advanced, but never decreased in fame.
  • A phenomenon.

What Pop IS NOT:

  • Only for 13-year-old girls
  • Summarized by 90’s Boy Bands or lip-syncing super stars.
  • The same as it’s always been.
  • A genre open to pre-judgement and criticism.



Let’s be clear: I’m just a fan. I’m not a mogul or an underground producer. I’m simply just a fan. Except – there is no such thing as being just a fan, is there? The fans make the executive decisions. The fans control the longevity. They control what will last, and what will just have a temporary high. So if Pop has survived (and thrived) for this long, shouldn’t it be respected? Pop never gave in and never died out. The listeners have never stopped consuming the genre, even when the sound continually transformed every few years. The “transformations” are what kept the genre kicking. Pop surprises. Pop feels good. People are attached to what makes them feel good.


Yes, that noise that is everywhere, the one that you hear when you are out/about… that is POP. It might feel different than you remember, but that’s only because Pop has always been a category that left room for progression. It’s evolved and has recently gained more energy than ever before. The latest installment is pulling listeners back in. Mostly because those people don’t even realize that they are listening to the New Pop while they dance on their expensive booths at the club, or damage the speakers in their car while shuffling the New Releases playlist on Spotify. I wonder when they will understand.

Pop is what is popular. None of us are “too good.”


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