Although all of my friends would tell you just how much fun I am (seriously, I’m a blast), I could definitely be more spontaneous. I’ve always had trouble living in the moment and being completely present in my life on a day-to-day basis. I know a lot of us are guilty of worrying about the future aka worrying about things before they even happen. It’s hard not to, especially as a 25-year-old trying to follow my dreams and make a career for myself. So, I’m vowing to make the most of my time. I am going to worry less and just say “yes.”

Friends are important to our journey of spontaneity. It’s good for our minds and souls to spend time with our friends. We need to make time to catch up over dinner, and go out to that bar we’ve always wanted to try. Get in the car; turn on a bomb playlist, and just drive. These moments of lighthearted laughter, and even deep conversations with the ones we confide in, can make or break our happiness. Moments like these have the ability to turn our week around. Moments like these become our memories.

I stop myself from just saying yes by “saving calories,” or “getting ahead on work,” or “getting my rest.” When in reality, most of the time I’m just enjoying my bed and Netflix account. That is okay too. We do need our rest and we do need those nights in. However, we tend to get a little too comfortable there. As part of my “let’s worry about things that haven’t even happened yet” campaign, I hold back because I’m cautious of the aftermath. Sometimes, the good times are worth the consequences. The headache will subside and the work WILL get done. We should be putting ourselves outside of that comfort zone by splurging a little, taking that trip, and even willingly procrastinating at times.

When we are asked to try something new, or even just join in on an activity that requires getting out of bed, we should do it. Those opportunities and invites are brought to us for a reason. Even if the new adventure doesn’t play out (a second date, for example) the experience is much more valuable. I am trying to spare myself from waking up one day and wishing that I would have tried more, wishing that I would have taken those chances, and made those extra memories. Either outcome, these moments of freedom will become part of who we are. We will grow because of them. Spontaneity is an acceptable impulse. Worry less. Say YES.


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