Female Stars Who DO NOT Care

These girlies don’t care, and neither should we.


Chrissy Teigen, easily one of the world’s most beautiful, is more open than ever about how she got to where she is. She has owned up to her plastic surgery, literally pointing at the specific areas and stating, “It’s fake.” THAT IS AWESOME. She isn’t shying away from the work, the same way she doesn’t shy away from confrontation. This model doesn’t back down. She defends herself and her loved ones in real time, AND on the Internet. Chrissy isn’t about keeping quiet and sitting pretty. She doesn’t worry about staying “classy” or “ladylike.” In fact, those words probably make her cringe. She only strives to be herself, always telling the world exactly how she feels – whether it’s pleasant or not. In the best way possible, she refuses to watch her mouth. 


Demi is the Queen of Honesty. Not only has she been extremely open about her past struggles with an eating disorder, self harm, and addiction, she continues to stand up for those causes every single day. She promotes self-love, even when society tells her she is wrong. She writes about her stretch marks, expressing that she DOESN’T CARE about their existence. She turns hate into positivity. She does her thing and follows her heart, never thinking twice about speaking her mind. She doesn’t sell out to be the most popular or the most loved, and surrounds herself with people who are genuinely on her side. Demi is one of the realest chicks in the industry, never trying to be someone that she’s not. Her goal isn’t to be the ultimate success; it’s to be the ultimate inspiration. She is someone who appears to be proud of herself, and she should be.


Sandra knows what she deserves, and she doesn’t settle for less. It seems like she doesn’t put up with negative energy (or negative cheaters). She does what she needs to do to protect herself and her children, never giving the media everything they want. She believes in karma, saying, “You get what you give.” She knows age shouldn’t influence her position in the industry, and has been known to make bold moves in her career, even after she was advised not to. She hasn’t lost her confidence. Sandra loves to stay ordinary, once telling a reporter that all she wanted was “some food” after she won an Oscar. She really has always believed in the freedom of her own choices. Sandra is the definition of a brave woman.


I love goofy girls. In a good way, Emma literally acts like no one is watching. And when she does pay attention to who is looking, she uses it to her best ability. Remember that time she knew the paparazzi were photographing her… so she held up a sign supporting one of her favorite organizations? So cool. She’s quirky and silly and kind of feels like your friend. She doesn’t act superior to anyone else, making the people around her feel comfortable. She has admitted struggling with anxiety, understanding even a personality like herself has those dark days. She has also reminded us that, yeah, she’s hilarious, but she can also be shy. She proves that you don’t have to be just one thing. Everyone has multiple layers, some which are not always seen by the public eye. She isn’t hiding hers.


Halsey is authentic. She is true. Nothing is forced about her unique style, raunchy lyrics, or bright blue/sometimes buzzed hair. You know it’s real, because her attitude matches her appearance. She is daring and honest, using her platform to break down the walls surrounding mental illness. She is just a regular girl, a fan turned pop star. She stays humble because she knows she still has a long way to go. She doesn’t seem to compare her success to others. The charts don’t seem all that important to her. She follows her own timeline. She rolls with her own crew. She does what SHE WANTS, and chooses what SHE LIKES. Halsey speaks out about sensitive topics, reminding everyone that just because it’s controversial, doesn’t mean it should be ignored. She’s almost fearless.


This woman is a star – obviously – but she has become so much more. Along the way, she literally STOPPED CARING about the frenzy. She stopped reading the tabloids, and started learning from the speculation. She began avoiding the media’s opinions, and found her own happiness. When it comes to standing up for herself, she doesn’t worry about being polite. She just wants to be honest. I can’t think of many other movie stars who have fought back in this manner. She has stated that her own power keeps her complete. While she loves being in love, she has expressed that it doesn’t define her.

She makes her own decisions and no longer let’s people place her into a box. She has also kindly asked the world to STOP asking her about Brad Pitt.


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