Activism: Truth vs. Trend

It’s come to such a light, that it’s hard not to feel like Activism is just “the thing to do.” I’ve seen entertainment change in content, people change their minds, and society change their expectations. I just hope it’s from an honest place, and not for the sake of “what’s trending.”


Entertainment (The Trend)

Suddenly, television is full of minorities. For the record, they should have been there ALL ALONG. It shouldn’t have taken an abundant amount of requests from the audience for these minorities to rise. Don’t change your cast for ratings. Change your cast for equal opportunity. The point is to show your audience what the reality is, that being the reality of sexuality, race and gender, and their prominent presence in entertainment. Take advantage of that position out of necessity, not for popularity. It can’t be forced. Consumers know what is truly real and what is fake “real.” The true movements are a natural, believable progression.


Don’t claim you are behind the movements unless you are. Marches aren’t for photo shoots. Feminism isn’t for fashion statements. Justice isn’t to be misused. Especially to those people on powerful pedestals, don’t speak out on an issue that you aren’t willing to back up. You have to remember that activism isn’t just standing up for yourself, but standing up for others – the ones who are most different from you. Each justice issue is like it’s own campaign, and should be respectfully represented in every situation. You can’t take time off. You can’t pick and choose. This society is evolving and you are either on the change train or not.

Preferences (The Truth)

This is where the honesty comes into play. When the social justice is in high demand, you know it’s genuinely wanted. It’s not a preference as much as it’s a part of life. People want to feel included and accepted, and not because adapting to the transformation is trending, but because they are part of this world just like anyone else. We can apply the elements of truth to our every day lives, in the way we treat other people and treat ourselves. We should do what we mean and mean what we do. Relationships, representation, kindness, self-love, our accomplishments… they aren’t trends. They are truths that stem from the best part of each of us, not from anything or anyone else. If you are acting on something because you feel like you have to, then it may not be for the right reasons. Bring justice back to the society because you want to.

Leaders don’t follow the trends. They create the truths. The actual leaders are sincere in their words and actions. Sincerity makes the ultimate difference.

In Conclusion: Be the TRUTH, and not the TREND.


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