Things My Father Taught Me

My Father taught me to… Be Aware

My Father knows that this world will always try to bring us down. He has taught me, and my siblings, to be aware of our surroundings. He reminds us that it’s not ourselves we should be cautious of, but the people we come across. He taught us to be street smart. I’ve always felt safe in my Dad’s presence, knowing that he would do anything to protect our family. I remember the first time I drove home from college by myself. He called me to see what mile marker I had just passed. I didn’t know what a mile marker was back then, but I knew he was ready for me to get home.

My Father taught me to… Work Hard

My Father often tells me that, “Money makes money.” Unfortunately, my eye for investment isn’t as good, and more importantly, I’m still learning how to save. However, when he does decide to splurge, it’s usually for his children’s benefit and pleasure. My Dad has great business sense, always making great business decisions and staying smart with his finances. He keeps his business running, which keeps our life running. I admire how he never complains about the hard work. He just shows up every day, without fail. I don’t believe I’ve ever actually seen him “fail.” 

My Father taught me to… Keep Moving Forward

My Father doesn’t dwell on the past. On our second drive from Texas to California, he said, “You can’t go backwards in life.” He might not remember saying that, but I noted it down on my phone so that I would never forget. He encourages me to remember the big picture, and to remember the goals that I set. He has shown me how life really does move on, and that I need to do my best to keep up with it. It’s okay to fall off track as long as you, eventually, get back on. Throughout his life, he has continuously managed to get back on. My Dad is the strongest person I know.

My Father taught me… Loyalty

My Father is always supportive, even when he doesn’t entirely agree. For example, when his first-born decided to move across the country straight out of college. I can’t say he was happy about it (at first), but he still drove me out to Los Angeles, duct taped my blinds shut, and has continued to support my dreams ever since. His first priority has always been our family. He works hard so that we have a future. He makes it a point to tell me that he’s proud of me. He even pretends like he doesn’t want “any more dogs,” but always cares for the ones we bring home anyway. More than once have others agreed with me, reiterating that my Dad “is a good man.”

My Father gave me my… Taste In Music

My Father gave me my olive skin and thick eyebrows. He also inspired my love for 80s Rock and Old Country. My taste has expanded, but it all started with our early morning truck rides to Elementary school. Journey, STYX, Elton John… I knew the words to these songs before I even knew what the words meant. It’s impossible for me to listen to “Bennie and the Jets” or any Clay Walker record without thinking of my Dad. We have always enjoyed collaborating with our imaginations, and when I was really young, we used to reenact scenes from our favorite movies in the garage. We both appreciate a good story.

My Dad is like a Superhero. He can fix anything. I rarely execute my skills when it comes to checking my tire pressure or building a shelf, but I’ve been taught how to do it all – and so much more. Sometimes I do happen to know the answers about my car insurance, but I like to ask my Dad the questions anyway.


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