My name is * insert name if you can relate, * and I’m ripping the bandaid. There are fairly huge changes coming in my near future, in more than one area of my life. I have A LOT to figure out. Maybe it’s best for everything to change at once? Maybe it’s best to pull it ALL off like one massive bandaid? Maybe it stings at first and then the pain subsides.

  1. The Steady Job

It’s about to get unsteady. I’m taking a leap of – what I’m telling myself is – faith. I’m stepping away from my full time job, hoping that this risk is a necessary one to take. The stability of a predictable income and set hours will be gone. I genuinely won’t know what my financial situation or daily schedule will be like in 3 weeks time. The thought keeps me awake at night. It also fills my mind and body with crimpling anxiety. Whatever, it’s fine. I’m not sure where the certainty came from, but I just knew that stepping away was the right thing to do. I’m hoping that feeling of certainty doesn’t let me down. If things go as planned, the newfound time I will be able to dedicate to what I came to LA for in the first place will be more beneficial than the steady job ever was. Basically, I’m taking a step back in order to move forward.

  1. Chasing A Dream (Out Of My Comfort Zone)

I will be a full time pursue-er. I must spend my days doing absolutely everything I have to do to reach a goal that sometimes feels unreachable. I’m taking this risk because I refuse to let my dreams be pipe ones. Therefore, my comfort zone will be triggered. I will have to put myself extra out there, be more opinionated than ever, and promote myself to an audience that believes in my potential and supports my cause. This will be a period of hard work and hardly any money. It feels like starting from the ground up, with no actual team to help me in the building process. I’m down to the wire, on a set timeline. I’m hoping “the fear” (F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference) of leaving my steady job will encourage me, and force me, to give my all in the one true area where my passion lives.

I’m going to be a TV Personality. What are you going to be? 

  1. Moving Locations

My roommate and I are currently searching for a new ~cheaper~ apartment. What I come home to is incredibly influential in my happiness. Not long ago, I moved locations to be in closer proximity to work and to boost my social life. Now, I’m facing the possibility of moving back to a location that I once ran from. The benefit is living with my best friend (because WHO we come home to is equally as important). I’m hoping a new apartment – with almost no scenery, less convenient shops, AND that is farther away from our favorite city hot spots – will not overly stretch our estimated time of arrivals or put a damper on our social statuses. But hey, you can’t have everything. At least our laundry will still be in-unit.

  1. I Kinda Want A Dog

I want a new friend. I want to be a Dog Mom. Adopting is a huge commitment. The whole “sacrificing for my child” thing will be a wake up call, but I know the rewards of raising a young pup that will love me more than life would be worth it. I will come home to happiness. My child will not judge me, or even be aware of my failures. They will bring me energy and keep me spontaneous. I’m not sure the decision to get a dog is significant enough to be in my “Ripping The Bandaid” / low-key mid-life crisis article, but here it is.

The moral of this story (if there is one) is that we have to take what comes, even when it comes with hard-hitting power similar to an avalanche. Once the snow stops pounding you, things calm and the scenery is actually kind of pretty. I guess I just answered my own question: I would rather endure multiple life changes at once than be hit by one every other month. They say change is good. So, I’m ripping the bandaid. I hope I don’t lose too much blood. I’m kind of anemic.


2 thoughts

  1. I just love you. I have not had the balls to step back from my day job to achieve my dream of opening up a boutique-ish store because I love the stability I have even though it’s sacrificing my dream. I’m in law enforcement. Stressed. Shit schedule. Shit pay. Not happy there anymore but it pays the bills and gives me stability and makes me feel like I’m not a complete failure. I don’t have the balls to let that go and I know that’s what I need in order to make my dream happen. You go Glen coco! Keep us updated! Even if you think you’re going back to leap forward you’re already an inspiration.

    1. I love YOU. It’s so scary isn’t it? But I guess that’s why they call it pursuing. It doesn’t come easy. It makes us feel like we are falling behind, but we are really just not settling for something we know we are better than – or something that we just don’t want. Stay brave! And as always, thanks for the support. Your feedback makes a world of a difference!


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