Should it really be considered a “crisis” every time a celebrity speaks out?

An honest opinion shouldn’t lead to an entire team of publicists and managers attempting to put a band aid over the words of * insert celebrity name. *  

It actually starts with the publicists, who encourage the managers and personal representatives to “have a talk” with the client. Soon after, the agent who is normally MIA on a daily basis decides to send an email insinuating a change in behavior for the sake of the brand, fan base, and current project. “Some people won’t like that,” they will say. “You are going to lose fans.” Okay, well – some people WILL like it – and others WILL take the place of those who don’t.

Here’s the thing: Fans are fans of the celebrities for who they are and what they represent. The celebrities shouldn’t limit or change themselves in order to gain support. If they aren’t themselves, then their fans are staying loyal to a false icon, a character, someone who is not at all who they thought.

If certain circumstances (like that of Donald Trump’s presidency) proves anything, it’s that honesty is appreciated. Even when it’s inappropriate, cringe worthy, and just plain hard to hear, the truth is respected. Transparency and the simple notion of saying exactly what we are thinking are changing the way our media and consumers interact.

The cross examination of it all has shown that the realer the better. If anything, a fan base will become more loyal and even expand when the celebrity seems genuine and relatable. Why would anyone try to stifle that? We are way past the pleasant, humble portrayal of super stars. The world craves their honesty. We want to see their bad days too.

The real crisis here is putting public figures in boxes, and not allowing them to have a perspective.


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