PR CRISIS: Staying Humble

Act Humble

The first advice a representative will give a public figure is to “act humble.”

You know, be grateful. Act like you can’t believe your own success. Act like you can’t believe what is happening around you. Pretend you are overwhelmed by the positive feedback. The thing is, some people actually feel that way. But looking at those who don’t, the ones who expected this success and feel like they deserve it, is like reading an open book. The audience can see through the fake façade of humbled-ness. I promise.

This goes beyond celebrities. It’s an unsaid truth that political candidates are expected to be family-oriented and charming (shoot – even our presidents are still actively kissing babies), or how CEOs must be affirmative and considerate at the same time. Basically, all leaders must be likeable. Cheesy, but likeable. Respected, but likeable. Fake, but likeable.

Staying humble is supposed to be the #1 way to secure a likeness.

Of course, we are here today because that tagline has proven false before.

You Can’t Force A Demeanor

It’s exhausting. The “real them” will most certainly, over time, come to the light. We should introduce the figure exactly as they are and will continue to be.





Use Their Confidence. It’s A Better Route.

By confidence, I do mean cocky, arrogant, self-absorbed, big-headed, and all the other things that many public figures are. But, why not use it? These days, for some odd reason, people take to public figures that act like they are the next Messiah. It’s an entertaining character to witness. Not to mention, people knowing and straight-up expressing how amazing they are has become a respected quality in itself.





Kanye West, Charlie Sheen, Floyd Mayweather, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Donald Trump, Mariah Carey: These super stars (among others in the industry) prove that being overwhelmingly, annoyingly confident doesn’t turn people away. A lot of celebrities understand their own worth and “hype,” if you will. You don’t have to agree with me here, but I know that these particular people legit think they are THE BEST. In their minds, they know they are the best, and they definitely put that persona out into the world. Yes, they are also a bit boastful when it comes to their craft and their “movements,” as they call them. They are even a tad petty. Despite that, they are beloved by millions. [Taylor actually does attempt the whole, “I can’t believe I won ANOTHER award. I’m America’s sweetheart,” thing. That’s a different conversation for another time.]

In Summary

Can’t people just be themselves? No matter what positions we are in? It’s less work for the team of people attempting to keep them grounded. Pretending to be, or coercing someone else to be, anything else is just a waste of time.

Even if said person is unpleasant to be around… you can’t force a demeanor.

That’s just who they are.


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