True Life: My Coffee Addiction

STEP ONE: Admitting There Is A Problem

I’m absolutely that person who wakes up at 3am, wishing it was about 8am, when I get to have my coffee. It gives me something to look forward to. It actually changes my I-hate-mornings attitude, especially when it’s made for me – AKA, Starbucks. I understand that the mood boosting result could be an issue, but what comes out of the boost is the opposite. I get motivation and pure joy from a single cup, even a K-cup. Yes, even the Kuerig coffee rocks my world. I will take my fix wherever I can get it. You may have a few questions:

How can a simple hot drink change your entire outlook? It just can.

Can’t you create your own inner sunshine? No. No, I can’t.

This addiction began when I was a freshman in college, studying all night and attempting to be mature. Turns out, the coffee tasted really good after a few necessity-based binges. If I’m being honest, it hardly takes away the exhaustion. I could down a venti and then take a 2-hour nap. The fact that I’m immune to the high-energy effect only further proves my addiction, I’m sure. It may not keep me awake, but it does keep me focused and for that, I will never stop defending myself. Even just the scent of freshly brewed coffee soothes my soul and encourages me to tackle the day – or night. Sometimes I ask myself, where would I be without coffee? Would I even have graduated? “This is the last cup,” I would say, after filling my third mug at just 2PM. Maybe my entire degree and career thus far has been the product of coffee. 

STEP TWO: Accepting My Life Of Crime

(I understand that this isn’t the real next step to recovery, but caffeine addictions are handled much differently. Besides, I’m not running from my coffee problem. I’m embracing it.) Firstly, it’s not just coffee. It’s happiness. It’s art, in any form. A good latte – preferably with Almond Milk and a Stevia – is genuinely inspiring.

My life with coffee is social. I enjoy chatting over a cup with other coffee-lovers. When I enter a coffee shop, there is a mutual respect between myself and the other guests. We know we are not alone. Caffeine also accompanies me at work. It makes meetings easier, phone calls shorter, and adds an element of excitement to my errand runs. It’s so wrong, but it feels so right.

My life with coffee is successful. I use it to bribe myself. The more I sip, the more I get done. The more I sip, the more I speak. Coffee leads to consistency and communication. Coffee rejuvenates the mind for open creativity, as well. There are so many options: Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, etc. It keeps me thinking outside of the box.

I believe I just made up the “Quadruple C Theory.”

Quadruple C Theory | C^4

[Coffee = Consistency + Communication + Creativity]


STEP THREE: There Isn’t One. Just Enjoy.

There are worse things to depend on, am I right? I would rather wake up craving my breakfast blend than a pack of Camels. I know my boundaries. I know not to take it too far. When I do, the jitters remind me of the horrible decision I have made. The anxiety kicks in, followed by the guilt of my irresponsible consumption.

I know this article seems a bit dramatic, but it’s too late. If you are still reading, it looks like you know what I mean and you are just as pathetic as I am. I think we could be great friends. Anyway, everything seems to be “killing us” these days. Might as well enjoy the little time we have left.


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