Products I Actually Use & Genuinely Love

I’m not a beauty fanatic, and I’m certainly not a beauty blogger. However, I think an honest rundown of products that have worked for someone is always a nice thing to consider. I’m pretty basic with my hair and skin care, but like any girl, I definitely have a selective list of products that I live on. Of course, they are all attainable and affordable.


  1. Eye Alert by Kiehl’s

It’s time to WAKE UP. This mint-cold cream feels eye-mazing in the morning. It’s like a slap in the face, clearing my foggy vision (my contacts help too), calming my purple bags, and decreasing any swelling or redness. “Eye Alert” is the only eye product I frequently use, though I should invest in anti-aging cream. I’m 25, and I’m told it’s best to start early.

  1. Tanning Foam by St. Tropez






This is the easiest brand (found at Sephora, mitten included) I have ever used. It’s cleaner than the lotions and spray mist. The mitten protects your hands, and the foam texture rubs in much easier with no visible streaks. My skin always looks even afterward, especially when I rinse off about 8 hours later. The bronze looks super natural, though it’s always best to have some form of base tan before using any kind of tanning lotion. It prevents any type of orange pigments.

  1. Concealer by Laura Mercier

I didn’t realize I needed concealer until I visited Sephora and started using this product. Instantly, my face was more attractive, giving my creases a healthier, plumper look. It brightens under my eyes, and blends in great with the rest of my foundation when I use a Beauty Blender. I put it on after my foundation and powder, finding that it sticks better on top of them.

  1. Skincare by Rodan + Fields

I’ve been applying these products to my face for about a year now. My skin is clear when I use the “Unblemish” regimen, and my pores grow smaller when I’m on the “Anti-Age” exfoliator. I feel an immense amount of joy when this package comes in the mail. It’s an easy order off of the website. I haven’t experienced any abnormal amount of drying, as I do moisturize on top of the serum. Look it up!

  1. Mascara by L’ORÉAL (Curved Brush)

I’ve been using this stick of greatness since high school. I have the best results from it, especially when using the Black Noir color with the curved brush for extra curl. My lashes look longer and thicker with this mascara, which can easily be bought at any local drugstore. I’ve tried many other brands and was never as happy with the aftermath. It lasts for a long time, never overly drying out toward the end.

  1. Hair Mask by Morocco Argan Oil

Although I have an abundant amount of hair, I hardly use any hair products at all. Seriously, at most I use a little TRESemmé hair spray to keep the fly-aways at bay. Ulta sells this oil in different containers, depending on how much you want. I usually lather my hair after shampooing/conditioning, letting it stay on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. You can apply it to dirty, damp hair, as well. It works the same, moisturizing and reversing the damage any heat may cause.


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