Emmy SNUBS, 2017

Another EMMYS, another list of underappreciated television series. Maybe it’s just the shows I’m choosing (though I believe I have pristine taste), but it seems like all the shows I am OBSESSED with never receive enough credit for their originality.

You may see a pattern in my taste, as most of my “snubs” are on streaming platforms. Honestly, I’m rarely intrigued by cable television anymore. I need limitless possibilities, and networks have many borders that they are not allowed to cross. If you aren’t familiar with any of these series below, I HIGHLY suggest that you look them up and engage yourself. You won’t be sorry.

By the way, “SNUB” just means that something wasn’t recognized for it’s work and all around impact.


Stranger Things, Netflix Original

This may be the most obviously snubbed show this year. Despite its 18 total nominations, the show only took home five wins and they weren’t nearly in the most prestigious categories, like “Best Drama.” Stranger Things was undeniably one of the biggest phenomenons this year, especially for Netflix originals. If anything, it put the originals on the map, truly making them a bigger deal for the platform. It’s also saving the fantasy/horror/sci-fi genre, bringing in a younger audience and reminding us of those Twilight-Zone-esque mysteries. At least it was recognized for its incredible casting. Those kids are flawless.

13 Reasons Why, Netflix Original

Another series that was visibly missing this year… Is massive success not enough to take home an award? Netflix received 91 Emmy nominations, and 13 Reasons Why wasn’t responsible for a single one of them. Despite being the most tweeted about show of the year, the TV Academy failed to credit it at all. Even the fresh-faced actors were shut out. As a fan of the show, I will admit that it doesn’t need another season. Considering that season one will undoubtedly be the best of the series, it will probably never be recognized at the Emmy Awards.

The Path, Hulu Original

Hulu, as a streaming platform in whole, has yet to debut any record breaking series. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t GOLD over there. The Path, a cult (literally – it’s about a cult) drama starring TV’s beloved Aaron Paul and Michelle Monaghan, is some of the best television I’ve discovered this year. Two seasons down, it has never been predictable. It’s a completely original idea that mixes reality with the spiritual, supernatural idea of an afterlife. Like Netflix, Hulu’s original shows are also boundary-less and showcasing some truly authentic storytelling.

The Leftovers, HBO Network

Possibly the most exceptional writing and acting to enter the system in the last decade, The Leftovers recently ended its third and final season. In those three years, it has only received one nomination, never having its time to shine. Lead actors Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon gave award worthy performances every. single. episode. The story and concept is more than an audience could ever imagine, consistently keeping us intrigued. If you look in the dictionary under “TV That Went To Waste,” this mystery tops the list. It deserved so much more, and will always stay with me. 

Bates Motel, FX Network

This adaptation of the 1960’s horror Psycho was one of the most successful film turned series out there. They have received a few respectable noms for Cinematography, Music Composition, and “Best Actress” for the remarkable Vera Farmiga. To be extra whiney, the show should have actually won one of these, and Vera should be nominated every season, along with Freddie Highmore (who creepily plays the actual psycho.) The series finale aired this year, and I was betting on a nomination for both lead actors, who constantly delivered jaw-dropping work.


Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, Netflix Original

Well, I’m crying. In all original seven stellar seasons, Gilmore Girls was nominated for and given only ONE Emmy. That Emmy was for “Outstanding Makeup,” which unless the Gilmore girls were clowns, really means nothing. To make things worse, the reboot was not recognized at all. The most heartbreaking snub isn’t even for the show itself, it’s for my TV mother LAUREN GRAHAM. She is one of the best comedic actresses to come around, and Lorelai Gilmore would not be a household name if it wasn’t for the woman underneath her. Oiiiiiii with her snubs already!

You’re The Worst, FX Network

You hardly find rom coms in television format. It’s not typical. It’s narcissistic. THAT’S THE BEAUTY. I need this cynical twist on love and relationships, the twist that bears relatable to many, to be acknowledged. In general, creative and original writing should be rewarded. Unpredictable, unique stories are hard to find these days. Shows like this prove that we aren’t completely creatively bankrupt. The fact that the series is on network television is even more impressive. They may be the worst, but it’s the best.


The Keepers, Netflix Original

A few seasons ago, Making a Murderer was rightfully given four Emmy awards, including “Outstanding Documentary.” The Keepers is another outstanding crime docu. series that should have received more than one nomination, and maybe even the win. These unsolved mystery type series are highlighting longstanding cases that deserve to find some closure. I am a tad bias, as this genre excites me to my core, but whatever. The sheer talent of the producers and editors who sift through the order of events and bring the case back to life is remarkable and riveting.



RuPaul’s Drag Race, VH1

First of all, WHY is this category even eligible for the Emmys? That in itself is a snub for me. If it has to be, can’t they at least choose a winner who is a bit more original? The Voice won, but these singing competition shows are so overrated. RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1) would have been a more interesting choice, and less predictable. The Drag Queens star in the most distinctive competition show left. Shoot, American Ninja Warrior (NBC) would have been a better winner and I couldn’t even tell you what that show is about or who is involved. I don’t know how it made it to the Emmys at all, but at least it seems new and not repetitive.


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, NBC

NBC’s Jimmy Fallon wasn’t even nominated this year… SNUB. The largest upset was the choice in Emmy host. The last thing this world, or industry, needs is another politically inclined host gossiping about the election. Can’t we choose somebody with more skip in their step? I would like a host who takes our minds OFF of the harsh reality, instead of consistently throwing the disturbing state of our world back into our faces. Isn’t that what entertainment is about? Not everything has to be taken sooooo seriously. Whatever, I guess I’m just one of those people who “don’t care enough.”




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