Horrible American Obsessions

Here in America, the land of the brave, we invest in some serious obsessions.

Some are great, like Patriotism, sports, and beer. (I’m surprisingly okay with those last two.) Others are not so great or necessary. I’ve bravely decided to dive into our horrible obsessions with certain forms of entertainment, lifestyle, food and societal stances. 


1. Reality TV

WHY? Our people’s lives are revolved around The Bachelor and Big Brother. Isn’t it strange how obsessed we are with other people’s lives? Even the scripted (that swear they are not scripted) “reality” series get us excited. In America, reality is extra over the top. Our reputations and overall impression is threatened every time a new show hits the air. I’m surprised outsiders still want to visit America after tuning in. Everyone puts it off as their “guilty pleasure,” but are we truly guilty about it? I think not.

2. Pumpkin Spice

Lattes, lotions, and candles are always top of the list, but it’s hard to believe what Pumpkin Spice has seeped its way into. Alcohol, salad dressings, burger toppings, protein shakes, gum, and counter top spray… it’s gone too far. Some of us pretend that it’s just a “basic” Starbucks drink for every white girl out there, but clearly the epidemic is so much bigger than that. If I see an advertisement for Pumpkin Spice perfume, I’m leaving the country. If we could limit it to just the lattes, my Fall would be redeemed.

3. Shark Week

I’ve never understood, and I never will. I like Jaws as much as the next person, but A WHOLE WEEK? Is this actually some kind of #JusticeForSharks protest that I’m just missing? It’s like a miniature Comic Con dedicated to only shark-based programming. The sheer excitement from the shark fans result in shark related headlines and hashtags. Every year, it becomes a worldwide trend. Shark costumes and oceanic memes are also involved. I thought it was just a joke for most of my life, but it’s taken very seriously. 

4. Working

Part time is full time, and full time is overtime. We slave and we slave. Most Americans let work control their lives, social status, and ultimately, their happiness. America is full of business people, doing business things and talking business strategy. The All-American family rarely has dinner together every evening, and “stay-at-home” parents are the minority these days. Investing is a common hobby, as is late retirement. Let’s hope we don’t work so much that we forget to have a life. 

5. Fast Food

The American Dream of obesity, everyone. There is a fast food chain on every corner. The logos are visible from every highway, some of them becoming internationally famous. (McDonalds much?) We are effective in many ways, but health is not one of them. Drive-thrus are part of the most successful American businesses. They will never go out of style, with their dollar menus and convenience. We should lower the prices of salads and organic selections to help lower the rates of heart attacks. Our hearts and cholesterols would benefit. 

6. Segregation

There has been natural separation since the beginning of time. It hasn’t gotten any better. In areas like race, class, political parties, etc., we naturally stick with whom we are similar. At times, I don’t believe we do it intentionally. Other times, it’s just easier to stay in our lanes, so we avoid the merge. Imagine if we forgot about labels and groups, and focused on the people as a whole. We are all people, yes? We are all in this together. In our smaller circumstances, we forget about the bigger picture… COMRADERIE.

Anyways, we are an integral country to this world, full of opportunities and freedom. Yes or no?


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