Artists Who Are Being Selfish (In A Good Way)

In music, it’s the year of speaking out and standing up.

Recently, multiple artists have decided to put themselves first. Why shouldn’t they? I truly believe that you can’t take care of anything else until you take care of yourself. Not to mention, why burn out when you can take a step back, and then shine even brighter? Imagine if all of the artists that we lost TOO soon had taken a step back… Would they still be here? The people come first, and then their careers can follow.

Justin Bieber

The Biebs is back, and by back, I mean back in good behavior. He recently put himself first by cancelling his world Purpose tour. This year, he is focusing on his mental and physical being, and also rededicating himself to his faith. With an image of a personal message on his Instagram, Justin expressed that he is working on himself and wants to become a better man with a happy and healthy future. After the frenzy, judgment, and workload that dragged him down before, he finally made the decision to make a change before it was too late. RESPECT.

Lady Gaga

Our Queen has been suffering from chronic pain, stemming from an incident a few years back when she broke her hip. Not only has she decided to take time off and better care for herself through therapy and rest, she recently checked in under the care of expert medical professionals. She has always been honest about her mental and physical health issues, sharing her painful experience on social media with her fans. She is encouraging other people suffering from chronic pain to fight back and find a way to live with their illness. She and her little monsters are taking all the time they need.

Zayn Malik

After leaving the most successful boyband in the world, which was the ultimate putting-himself-first moment, Zayn continues to listen to his emotions rather than his schedule. Struggling with anxiety that has been affecting his public appearances, he has canceled multiple events due to his unsteadiness. In rare form, he went on the record about his anxiety disorder in more than one interview. Recently, he has been focusing on making his music and not so much on performing it, until he feels certain enough to get back on stage. He is still enjoying his muse and sharing it with the world.

Demi Lovato

Demi has never been better, and it’s ALL because she knows what she’s worth. In 2010, Demi checked into rehab for her self-harm and eating disorders. Since her release, she has grown stronger than ever, and reminds herself to stay strong every single day. She now surrounds herself with a team of friends who understand that her mental health comes before the work. She monitors her mind-set, and works her ass off to stay healthy the RIGHT way. Demi frequently speaks out for mental health and acts as an ambassador for multiple organizations that support the cause.

Aaron Carter

Aaron has been openly struggling this year, with himself and with his family. After years of rumored substance abuse, a DUI, and public feuds with his brother, Nick Carter, on Twitter, he recently checked himself into a rehab facility. The decades of secrets and estranged relationship with his family seem to weigh on his self esteem. Aaron is hoping to “work on his overall wellness.” He also put his own happiness first by being honest, coming out as bisexual on his Instagram. He and his girlfriend may have just called it quits, but he is now free to be whatever he wants.

Selena Gomez

Selena is slaying the “selfish” game. A while back, she was checked into a facility for unknown reasons. This past year, she has opened up about her struggles with Lupus, and just recently, her kidney transplant. Taking a good amount of time off, she was able to get the treatment and procedure she needed. She has taken the time to calm her mental state and learn how to overcome her extreme fatigue, both side effects of the Lupus. Selena says she is now comfortable with vulnerability. Like the others, sharing her experience has moved mountains for other people. 

I believe this movement of self-love and sacrifice will gain more momentum. Celebrities, no matter their success or position, are just as fragile as the rest of us. It’s like on an airplane. We must put the oxygen mask on ourselves before assisting anyone else.


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