Fall: The Best Season

I fell for Fall a long time ago… and I’ve attempted to dissect exactly why my obsession is what it is. It’s not the pumpkin spice, chic boots (preferably suede and over-the-knee), Halloween, or even Thanksgiving that make it my favorite season.

It’s the f e e l i n g. 


Fall is not as tiring as Summer.

By tiring, I mean hot as all hell. Summer is great and all, but literally, it’s not cool. Unless your goal is beach and bronze, being outside isn’t entirely enjoyable. In some areas of the world, you can’t even walk to your car without breaking a sweat. Not to mention, the extra humidity, smog, and mosquitos. Fall helps me forget about Global Warming and earthquake predictions. Summer feels too slow, energy levels dropping. Fall picks up the perfect pace.

Fall is not as “lonely” as Winter.

There is less complaining. I hate the whole “the holidays are hard” and “I just want someone to keep me warm.” Winter is darker, colder, and a tad bit isolating. Because it hits nightfall by 5pm, Winter makes me feel rushed and left behind. There is nothing more depressing then showing up to work and leaving work, never seeing the sunlight. I get nervous by December, as the New Year is approaching and I’m usually asking myself if I actually accomplished anything.

Fall is not as misleading as Spring.

The ice melts and Spring comes. Things seem to be looking up, until the May showers last longer and the April flowers don’t come soon enough. I can’t even enjoy the new transition because pollen and other allergens pollute the air, clouding my vision and blocking my sense of smell. Spring is the most vague season to me, either still feeling like Winter or already Summer. They say “spring has sprung,” but I always have trouble finding the hard evidence. 

Fall is inspiring.

Yes, it is as basic as the leaves changing. It’s just nice to see a contrast after months of drought brown grass and plain green trees. The colors give me a pep in my step. I actually enjoy leaf covered streets and rake-free yards. It’s a visible change that sets a spark off inside of me. That spark usually increases my motivation and stamina. Fall rejuvenates my other senses as well, smelling crisp and sounding upbeat. Fall feels like an old friend that I’m being reunited with after a long time apart.

Fall is a new beginning.

My world becomes clearer. Structure and discipline make their reappearances by September, as the mistakes and irresponsibility of Summer are slowly replaced. On my personal timeline, Fall is the true start to the year. It’s a productive time when everyone is getting back into gear, returning to their routines or trying something new. Fall feels comfortable, like the happy medium of seasons.

I also love pumpkin spice, chic boots (preferably suede and over-the-knee), Halloween, and Thanksgiving.


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