Why Do Boys Cat Call?

Notice how I said “boys,” because I don’t think a decent, mature man would. I have never been able to understand the male mind in more ways than one, but the concept that bothers me the most is the “cat calling.” I’ve broken down the questions I have about whistling at innocent women on the street. I’m not sure that they will ever be answered.

  1. What do they think they are getting out of it?

What is the end goal here? Do they think we are flattered? Do they think we are going to run after the car, or scream out our digits? I need to know what result they expect from this annoying, unnecessary action. It’s not romantic. It’s just a major turnoff. I wonder if they will ever realize we aren’t real cats.

  1. Do they plan on making any real contact?

It would be one thing if they actually tried to speak to us. Most of them drive by so quickly, that we hardly know who or where the sound came from. At least slowly crawl the car next to us and use a lame line. You will still get rejected, but you will die like a man. There is no point in whistling only to disappear.

  1. Is it just a game to them?

I think it is. Why else would they speed off? It’s entertainment. We are entertainment. If they are that bored, I wish they would go play some video games. Harassing others is not a hobby. I wish there was an intersection referee who could toss them a yellow flag every time they interrupt our lovely day.

  1. Do they play this game alone, or only with buddies?

The pattern proves that the more guys around, the more vocal they become. They laugh and high-five, certainly making vulgar comments, thinking they are the next Fabio. If they were alone, there would be no one to witness their “bravery” and “charm.”

  1. Will they ever stop?

The statistical, disappointing answer to this question is… No. It happens in every country, in every language. I believe they know exactly how it makes us feel by now, and they don’t care, because they don’t plan on actively making a move any way. I am extremely sympathetic to the women who do come in direct contact with these howling hooligans, as I can’t imagine the strategies they use then.

Anyways, I HATE being cat called. I heard that a British county banned cat calling, decided it is equivalent to a hate crime. Now, that is proactive.


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