I Digital, You Digital, We All Digital

The Digital Age Is Here 2 Stay… 4 Good

It’s not an “age” or an “era,” as much as it’s a lifestyle. It’s the way things are now. No going back. It’s not because the new iPhones never stop coming out, or because the Tesla’s have touch screens on their dashboard.

The Reason: It’s here, it’s present, and the world won’t digress now that we were granted full access.

Why purchase more channels with our cable provider when EVERYTHING we really watch is streaming online by midnight. Not to mention the content we are able to watch anytime/anywhere through programs like Apple TV and platforms like Netflix, HBO, and DirecTV. It’s like going back to Windows after using Mac for 20 years, or trading in the flat screen for a television with a dial turner.

Why subscribe to magazines when we obtain most of the drama online. You don’t have to watch the news to know the headlines, and it certainly isn’t necessary to watch it live, or even on TV at all. Because of Social Media, the timely events are taking over our feeds. Think of the trees we would save if they finally did away with the newspapers.

In 10-30 years (maybe less), the generation still holding onto their cable boxes, nightly news, and their morning papers will be long gone. Even if they were here to stay, media is moving on without them. I say that with great sympathy, and respect for their desire to stay traditional. I may be 25 years old, but I wouldn’t mind a break from the frenzy of our current media, and the over exposure it inevitably results in.

Speaking of taking a break, I’m a Millennial. Therefore, there is no real escape from our intense amount of technology, or the crazy content that spreads faster than the wild fires in Southern California. I can only monitor my consumption rate. When I’m not monitoring, I’m embracing. Going digital is the new road to community and communication. It’s a catalyst for our social life and, in many ways, our success. What’s not to embrace?

When we can’t change something, we can sometimes gain a sense of control over it.

Take the new age and create a new advantage.


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