We Know About Harvey, So What About The Others?

The Victims:

The list of brave women standing up against Harvey Weinstein is disgustingly long. He was able to successfully assault a wide range of actresses, on all ranks, in all countries, at all costs. Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rose McGowan (who’s abuse allegations go waaayyy back), are just a few huge names on Harvey’s hit list.

*** I believe the reason why women have not been coming foward sooner, is the fact that up until a few years ago, no one would truly listen. In most cases, the accusation didn’t get them anywhere, especially when they were accusing a person in a powerful position. We are finally at a place in Hollywood where women are being listened to.

The Supporters:

An abundant amount of female, AND male, celebrities have publically spoken directly to and about the victims of Harvey’s sexual abuse. We’ve seen massive online support from the likes of Julia Roberts, Blake Lively, Viola Davis and Meryl Streep. Some, like Jane Fonda, are ashamed to have not spoken out sooner. (It’s okay Jane, I’m almost positive the majority of the male side of the industry has known all along.) Everyone is appalled by the facts, but aren’t all that surprised either.

Then there is Lindsay Lohan, who says, “Leave Harvey alone.” She hasn’t gotten a real role since the early 2000s, so that should say it all. Linds, he CAN’T help you now.

We could still use more support from the men of entertainment, but Ryan Gosling, Tom Hanks, and Ewan McGregor got us a head start by speaking out against Harvey’s actions, mostly expressing how regretful they are to have been so oblivious.

People posted an article showing “All of the Hollywood Figures Who Have Spoken Out Against Movie Mogul.” Their direct quotes and messages are included.

The Industry:

His peers are repulsed. The PGA (Producers Guild of America) and The Academy (AKA the Oscar voters) have both suspended his membership in their guilds. I have a strange feeling that they have wished to rid of him for decades now, but were never able to officially pin him down. His financial status and the range of The Weinstein Company’s work certainly kept him relevant. He’s been at the top… The kind of top that let him get away with entirely too much.

The Family:

His wife, Georgina Chapman, recently left him, though I’m not sure if that helps me gain any more respect for her. Their marriage was mostly an arrangement, both seeking benefits from the other. He had a woman who would put up with his antics, and she (through Harvey’s celebrity clients and connections) was able to develop the successful clothing line, Marchesa. The fact that it didn’t seem like an issue for her to pick up and leave so quickly, makes me question how much she genuinely cared in the first place. If anything, this public scandal and divorce is good publicity for her, especially since she wants these celebrities to continue wearing her pieces on the carpet.

No word on the next step for Bob Weinstein, Harvey’s company co-founder and brother, but I bet he has been fully aware of Harvey’s actions. I’m wondering how much the company will suffer, as anyone in entertainment should no longer want to be affiliated with it. Also, Bob is equally as problematic in many ways.

Fast Company quotes Jeffrey Katzenberg (studio executive and producer) calling Bob, “the obviously problematic Weinstein.”

The World:

It’s nice to see someone with so much power publically suffer his greatest downfall. Is that too harsh? He made his bed, attempted to place many women into it without their consent, and now he can lie in it ashamed and alone.


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