5 Recent Discoveries: November 2017

Most of the below have been a “thing” for years, some for decades.

Obviously, I knew about them, but I didn’t really know about them. I’ve had an awakening to each. There is no pattern here, nor did I seek out these newfound favorites. They found me. They are beautiful.


1. Zucchini “Pasta”

Zucchini as a word, and vegetable, just wasn’t a part of my generally healthy diet. My new roommate, a renowned vegetarian, introduced me to new ways to Zucchini-ing. You spiral it. I had heard about these noodle-free pasta options, but never had the self-control to make the substitution.





With some mushrooms, basil, and Alfredo sauce, this dish is just as yummy. Not to mention, it’s the easiest meal to make. You carve out the zucchini with what is called a Vegetable Spiralizer. Then, let it hangout on the skillet/stove top for about 15 minutes. Suddenly, I “cook” dinner way more often, and it’s way more original than my bland chicken and broccoli.

2. Sam Smith

Dude has been around since 2013, putting out some of the greatest hits, and I swear I didn’t realize how BIG of a fan I was until his second album, titled “The Thrill Of It All,” dropped last week. It’s like my ears have been pointed precisely in his direction, with undivided attention, this time around. His voice is even better, his songs are even more magical, and my love for him as an artist has grown immensely. I’m truly * ~ listening ~ * now.

I have a new house of worship. In my car, blasting Sam, I physically praise (like, hands up and everything) him and the experience he is giving me. It’s the I-would-spend-money-on-concert-tickets kind of love. Check it out – it’s soulful, a little old school, and there is a choir. – Insert Prayer Hands Emoji –

3. White Eyeliner

Not that my eyes need to be any bigger, but my eyes needed to be a little bigger. White eyeliner (of any brand) widened and brightened my eyes to the maximum. You just spread it on the inside of your lower eyelids and, TUH DAA, your eyes are opening up like sunrays escaping through a haze of smog.


It’s supposed to be invisible, but it’s not. Turns out, the visible white lines not only makes your eyes pop, but look pretty cool and retro too. Who doesn’t want to be cool and/or retro?   Baby Blue, Violet, really any pastel-ish color will work. I encourage you to try it. 



4. Pinot Grigio

I’ve spent years limiting myself to red wine only. I’ve heard it has less sugar, and it makes me drowsy at night. (PSA: Too much red wine can actually have the opposite effect. There is nothing stranger than being intoxicated, yet sleepless.) Recently, white wine is where it’s at. It started as I was day drinking, and I knew that white wine wouldn’t make me as sleepy as red. It was very important that I could “hang” on this particular hot as hell, July day.

White wine did more for me than just keep me tispy AND awake. It lit a spark in my buzz. I’ve become a new type of consumer. My mood is lifted, I never turn into that tired tipsy, and I can actually stick to this drink all night long. Also, the headache isn’t nearly as present the next morning.

5. “L O S T”

No. I never watched it, which I’m actually thankful for because I enjoy binging shows when they are 100% complete and all in one place. Not long ago, I had given up on finding any new television series. It seemed like I had seen them all, the ones that actually intrigued me, anyway. When this happens, I search “best show scenes” on YouTube. LOST was at the top of the list. I spiraled.

I now wonder how I never had an attraction to it before. It’s mythical, constantly pulling you in with the Sci-Fi elements and never ending, thought provoking theories. It has friendship and romance, along with heartbreak, thrill, strife, and continual fear for your favorite character’s survival. You can experience the entire journey on Netflix. Clear your schedule, because you won’t be able to stop once you’ve started.


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