Hollywood & Accusations: Nobody Is Safe

Have you heard about the sexual abuse allegations? They were, um, kind of a… HUGE DEAL. No man is safe right now. As if Harvey Weinstein wasn’t enough, there are now allegations against Kevin Spacey, famous comedian Louis C.K., Ed Westwick (beloved Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl), and Mark Schwan (the show runner behind everyone’s favorite teen drama – One Tree Hill), to name a few. (KEY WORD = FEW)

A countless amount of women have used the hashtag (#MeToo) to tell their personal stories of harassment/abuse in the last two months. It’s become a real movement of power for women, and a movement of self-reflection for men. It doesn’t even matter how many of these accusations are actually TRUE because it’s already done. The statements are out there, in writing, for the world to see.

Most of the men denying and/or coming clean to these allegations are important faces of hit television series, production companies, influential brands and massive networks. Most of the mentioned series, companies, brands and networks are choosing to part ways with the accused dudes.

Netflix’s House of Cards is ridding of Kevin Spacey, the face of the show. The Weinstein Company (along with the Academy and the Producer’s Guild of America) pretty much banished Harvey, projects and endorsements are being pulled out from under accused actors, and accused show runners are being let go from their job at the writer’s table.

Hollywood is protecting themselves by doing everything they can to disaffiliate with anyone who has been lit on fire by these allegations. Their reputations will not be tainted, nor will they let these headlines reflect back on them. They are being smart, even if they are just protecting themselves and not really doing it for the cause. I bet most of the people behind these abusers have known about their inappropriate behavior all along.

SOCIAL MEDIA can ruin lives. Because of the voice Hollywood has through their social platforms, it doesn’t take a magazine cover or nightly news story to ruin a status and end a career. If anything, Social Media comments are considered to be more “breaking” than ever, because the news is instant and the words/accusations come directly from the source. Words on any public forum can’t exactly be shoved under the rug. They have already been seen.

Nobody can be protected as long as Social Media is thriving the way it is.

Think about Old Hollywood. Those iconic actresses had no way to express themselves in such a personal, yet public way. No doubt Marilyn Monroe had many accusations and dangerous secrets up her sleeve. Ones that, even if she had conveyed them to a confidant, were likely ignored and easily subdued.

Social Media can certainly be a great evil, but in particular cases like these, it is a greater good. If you are online, your voice can never truly be silenced, no matter what groups, or sexes, you check off during the registration.


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