You DON’T Have To Cook: Why are you fighting this? Stop assuming that being domestic for a day makes it a “real” Thanksgiving. Friendsgiving honors friends who don’t expect a home-cooked meal. Just order a pizza. If anything, order two and some cheesy bread, since everyone seems to feel like the table should be luscious with a variety of choices. Take advantage of this cheat day and have whatever YOU want.


Wine: Be extra appreciative of grapes by finishing at least three bottles between the group (depending on the group size). A nice red wine actually makes the meal feel classier and more celebratory, even when you are consuming from plastic cups. Holidays call for shame-free day drinking, and a totally justified buzz. The bread from the pizza should soak up some of that alcohol, so feel free to down more than usual.


Watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Every November, the Thanksgiving episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S are the most watched of the hit series. If you are in your mid-20s, it’s like watching your own disastrous attempt at a mature Thanksgiving unfold before you. In a way, it makes you feel better about yourself and your own group of friends.

You can even MAKE IT A GAME NIGHT! What games, you ask? A game called “Catch Up.” Despite the family friendly and religious matters that come with the holiday season, this time off should still be used extra wisely. CATCH UP on the television you wish you watched or have inevitably lost touch with. Choose a streaming platform and binge away people.


Just Be Thankful: Listen, you may not be at home with your family (minus those of you who “can’t stand” your family), but you have new friends in new places. Family comes in many different forms, and honestly, less traditional is sometimes better. As basic as it is… think about everything/everyone you can be grateful for. Then, wait at least an hour before returning to your “but I still need this/I definitely want this” thought process. It’s fine. We are human.


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