LOL, I’m Stressed.

Stress kills… Especially pent up stress that we refuse to release. None of us enjoy getting emotional, nor do we want to reveal our feelings to the people around us (for their benefit, mostly). However, there are more ways to recover than just “talking about it.” Silent sufferers can also overcome their demons. I did.

From one anxious human to another, I present to you:

5 Non-Communicating-With-Others Ways To Tackle Anxiety

 Choose Healthy: Your daily diet and exercise schedule may be the only things you actually have control over at this particular moment in your life. At the most transitional time I’ve encountered, my sole focus was my nutrition and gym sessions. I’ve learned that feeling good about myself allows me to check one stress factor OFF of my list. Otherwise, I would be anxious, overwhelmed, AND having low self-esteem. If there is anything you can control, do it. Don’t give yourself any additional stress by ignoring basic routines.

Sit In Silence (In The Dark): Turn off the lights, put away your laptop, ignore your phone, and just sit in s i l e n c e. No distractions. You don’t have to meditate or listen to a hypnosis tape to rejuvenate. Sitting in silence and not thinking about anything (which is super hard btw) will restore your mind, helping you re-focus and calm your core. Just lay on your bed, close your eyes, and breath normally. I recommend the dark because you aren’t able to judge your appearance in any reflection, or judge how messy your room is.

Take Your Meds: !!!!! It’s absolutely okay to medicate. If something is going to make you feel better, why not use it? Obviously, there is a line between using and abusing. What I’m saying is, if your chest is feeling tight and you need that pill, then take it. It took me a while to give in, but it stops the panic attack on the rise every time I do. It may not be “natural,” but it works all the same. Even getting a prescription for a small daily dosage is worth a trip to the doctor. The meds don’t have to be forever, but will greatly change your present. Acupuncture is also awesome.

Get A Dog: I know. This is far fetched. I felt the need to include this step, mostly because I got a dog and it brought my anxiety down A TON. It’s statically shown that loving on a pet can basically save your life by reducing your stress levels. I assume it’s because they adore you no matter what and we all need some kind of connection at the end of the day, am I right? It’s even more rewarding if you adopt. Knowing that you rescued a living organism is a great feeling, and it also dismisses all of the bad decisions you may have made during your down spiral.

Pets also like to play outside, and hanging out in the sun – for just 20 minutes – can make a huge difference for your mind and body. Vitamin D, y’all.

Laugh: I’m not kidding, just find something to laugh at. The best feeling is the aftermath of the laugh, when you realize how badly you needed it. Watch a stupid comedy or reminisce on old, hilarious stories with a good friend (I know that is technically communicating, but it’s still not talking about your problems). Shoot, visit a meme account if you feel so inclined. Find a reason to genuinely giggle. It doesn’t have to be a booming sound, just allow yourself to feel joy. That moment of relief forces you to reassess why you feel so badly in the first place.


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