Universal Resolutions

There are many resolutions that are universally made. We also, as a Universe, hardly follow through with them. Sure, we are overachievers for the first month. By February 1st, the resolutions are trashed and we swear to “start over next year.”

I truly believe the key is to NOT OVER THINK the resolution. Obsession leads to burning out. Getting too ahead of ourselves leads to exhaustion. Like anything in life, resolutions should be done gradually. It’s impossible to change anything over night, or over New Year’s Eve.

BTW QUESTION: Why do we only start in the New Year?

I’m a big believer in starting a resolution before then. That way, we are already on a roll (after gradually crawling, of course) once the New Year hits. Resolutions don’t have to be these solid, heavy weights that we drag around with us. They don’t have to be haunting.

Here are 8 extremely common resolutions, in which we should reassess how best to accomplish them:

1. Losing Weight Start on Monday. Just shop healthier (GREENS y’all) and get that gym membership NOW before they raise the prices in the New Year, due to the high demand of the entire world trying to drop some pounds. That’s the other thing – don’t base your results on pounds. Base them on how you feel, and you can even measure the inches, but the scale is the devil. Being fit is a new lifestyle, not an easy fix.

2. Being A “Better” Person GREAT goal, but can people thoroughly change who they are? I know they can try, which is all you can really ask of someone. I’m not talking murderers, I just mean those of us who wish to be more giving, or less jealous, or more outgoing, or less OCD. Everyone wants to be glass half full, and less irritable on a daily basis. The answer is owning your faults, and then learning to communicate without them one day at a time.

3. Taking More Pictures We have iPhones, so there is really no excuse. You don’t have to lug around a huge camera, or even get things developed. Snapping and posting is instant for us now. Are picture frames even a thing? Just having the photos on our digital drives and platforms is good enough. Photos are important, as some of the best memories can be a bit blurry. Also, I promise you will want those pictures of your parents some day.

4. Stop Smoking Hypnosis? A patch? The gum stuff? I’m not a smoker, so I have no idea what the addiction, or the trying to not be addicted, feels like. I just know it’s a struggle for more than half of the population. I believe you have to be absolutely ready for the change, and having the resources to stay dedicated to it. It’s not the same thing, but that’s how I overcame my addiction to sweets. I knew it would suck at first, but then the craving stopped.

5. Daily Journaling Just take some notes. If there is something that you truly want to write down, it will come naturally and in the most spontaneous moments. You can take notes on your phone or the small sticky note you keep around for grocery lists. A giant journal isn’t needed. Dating the top like a letter and reaching to fill the page with “emotion” isn’t as important as documenting what really matters to you, whenever it matters to you. 

6. Meditating You don’t need a tape. You don’t need a class. You need silence. The idea of meditation seems like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be. You can do it anywhere, in any amount of time. In the car, before you get out of bed, when you get in bed, in the shower, in the bathroom stall at work… basically anywhere you can have a mental breakdown, you can also successfully meditate.

7. Learning A New Hobby I don’t have hobbies – besides streaming entertainment content. What am I supposed to say? Learn piano, knit a scarf, collect coins, polish rocks, or discover a new species? None of that will happen. Keep your hobbies limited to what you really enjoy doing. You can’t force a talent, and what’s the point of spending money or wasting time on a something that you aren’t super passionate about.

8. Spending More Time With Family Another tough call. If the dynamic is strained, why have to deal with the drama and criticism your family throws at you? At the same time, family is family, and we only have one. I think doing everything you can to make the effort should be the resolution. Closure isn’t possible unless you know that you tried your best to save a relationship, or help out where you could. At some point, you gotta let go.

Then, there are those who don’t make resolutions at all. I get it. I’ve totally been there. Honestly, maybe that’s the smart thing to do. It’s takes away the pressure of change.

I’ve learned that once you stop thinking about the change and start focusing on the new lifestyle of it all, the change happens without you even realizing. When you do realize, it’s the best feeling in the world.


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