What’s Coming In 2018?

I hope everything is better this year. Better art, better people, better solutions, a better chance at making some actual money, having a career, and maybe meeting my husband.

Anyway, here are things you can look forward to (or not look forward to) in 2018.




Cardi B (if you are into that sort of thing) is dropping her debut album, which will test the loyalty of the fans that made “Bodak Yellow” a massive success on the charts. New Celine Dion is in the works because her heart still goes on. Selena Gomez is still TBA (to be announced).

Fall Out Boy is quenching our punk thirst with a new album that is supposedly “sewing multiple eras” of music together. The 1975, our favorite retro act, is aiming for a summer release and lead singer Matty Healy said they are still figuring out the message. The Vaccines are also TBA, but are expected to bring more spirit and energy. Also, a new Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga album are rumored.

Fingers crossed for Gaga, one of my queens. I hope The 1975 never go full mainstream because then, they might be encouraged to change their sound (to make it radio ready) and that’s just not an option.


Ocean’s 8

Female-centric blockbusters like Ocean’s 8!!!!! Another Mission Impossible and another Mamma Mia! Black Panther is highly anticipated by Marvel fans, already selling more tickets than any other Marvel movie. First Man, where dreamy Ryan Gosling will play Neil Armstrong (not to be mixed up with Lance Armstrong).

Super strange, half-animated comedies like Peter Rabbit. Actual animations like Sherlock Gnomes and The Incredibles 2 (the trailer trended on YouTube for weeks), and we can’t forget the stupid horrors like another Insidious. Every time I say “another,” I’m kind of rolling my eyes.

I CAN’T WAIT for First Man. It’s coming from the directing/composing team of Damien Chazelle and Justin Hurwitz (La La Land, Whiplash). I have very high hopes. Plus, ya know, Ryan Gosling will be there.


Gianni Versace, 1991

Ryan Murphy did SO well with OJ that he’s giving us the Versace murders in American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. Amazon is debuting what could be their most interesting new original, called Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams.

9-1-1 (FOX) is supposed to a network series that won’t end up getting canceled. The Americans on FX is coming back for a sixth season. Waco is premiering, which is a 6-episode miniseries about a cult in Waco. Netflix put out a TON of new originals, which are dominating Netflix’s home page. On Hulu, we have season 3 of The Path. Games of Thrones will not be back in 2018. I don’t even care.

Taylor Kitsch (aka Tim Riggins) plays the cult leader in Waco, so I’m all in. The Path on Hulu, which is also about a cult, is going to bless my January. I guess I like cults? I’m really just waiting for Netflix to put out another phenomenon like Stranger Things.




Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue

There is an Americana vibe in the air with huge brands like Dior and Machino both participating. This includes wide-brimmed hats, fringe, pointed-toe boots and a touch of turquoise. Bandanas and tassels might also make an appearance.

As a trendy Texan myself, I just want to say that I’ve been on the turquoise game since birth.


Tracksuits are totally appropriate in place of dresses now. Sneakers are still in, as big brands like PUMA are pushing major campaigns this year. Fanny Packs and Man Purses were very present during Fashion Week. Both are at high risk of being made fun of, but they are very convenient.

Are we done with sheer bodysuits now? Please, let’s be done.

Color & Fabric

Purple – soft Lilac purple if you wanna get specific – is the “it” color this year. Most shades of Pink are apparently out, though were never really in for me. For men and woman, Crushed Velvet will still be stocking the shelves (and even some corduroy if you can believe it). Denim on Denim will never leave.

Tie-dye hit many runways this year and I’m hoping that doesn’t mean it’s really going to trend. They call Denim on Denim (one of my top favorite looks 4sure) the “Canadian Tuxedo.” I still don’t understand why.




Not kidding. In the past, flowers like lavender and hibiscus have been used for presentation and centerpieces. Now, they will become the flavor of the dish.

I’m not sure I’ve ever tasted lavender, but I guess it’s important to stay open minded. The scent of lavender has proven to relieve headaches and calm anxieties.

Does swallowing it have the same effect?

Fake Burgers

Whole Foods said they are expecting more plant-based proteins. Obviously, faux-meat products (like tofu) are already incredibly popular, especially in Los Angeles. Soon, fake burgers (made from these plant-based proteins) will become menu items.

I like Veggie burgers the best because they are mostly made from grains, seeds, soy, legumes, and nuts. Sometimes, when I remember that something is faux, I get freaked out.


Credit: independent.ie

Marijuana Wine is coming to states that are weed legal. Mary Jane decided to spread her warmth. It won’t cause hangovers, as it’s supposed to be alcohol free. In other wine news, a major shortage has been rumored.

I think “the shortage” is just a ploy so that people will buy more wine. I don’t believe the vineyards are running low on grapes.

Either way, it’s safer to just stock up!! 



Back 2 The Moon

Currently, 8 missions are planned. Two astro-tourists have signed up for one of the rides, planning to see the moon in Elon Musk’s (business magnate, engineer, inventor) Falcon Heavy rocket and Crew Dragon capsule.

This tourist attraction is out of this world (literally), and Space X is to thank.

Let’s hope Houston doesn’t have a problem because this could be awesome. Also, how much would a ride to the moon cost???

Trump/United Kingdom

Credit: Atom Travel

HE JUST CANCELLED. Reportedly, Trump just cancelled next month’s visit to the UK because he “fears he won’t be welcome.” The UK has certainly watched the election and everything that has happened since from afar, probably thinking, “Man, I’m glad I’m not in America right now.”

Admit it, our country has so much drama. We are probably the UK’s favorite reality show.

The Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle

Here we go again. This Spring, another royal wedding will air when Prince Harry marries American actress Meghan Markle. The Windsor Castle is already preparing for the big day.

Meghan’s life has already changed. She just deleted all of her social media.

I remember the last royal wedding. I was in college and one of my professors cancelled class. Crazy.


There will be sports played in 2018. That is all I know.


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