NETFLIX NEWS: Don’t Fall Behind

Y’all heard of Netflix, yeah? Well, the platform has SOOOOO risen and will only continue to rise. They are expected to debut at least 18 new originals in 2018. I don’t want you to get behind. Keeping up with the abundant amount of streaming series is an overwhelming task, one that often leads to procrastination in other areas of my life, simply because I consider my TV shows more important than most things.

Stranger Things doesn’t count (although it’s obviously a favorite that 100% lives up to the hype) because it has already been universally watched. Even losers who aren’t active bingers (some who aren’t even subscribed to Netflix) have somehow seen it. I want you to think outside of the box.

[WARNING THOUGH: If you haven’t joined up with Eleven and friends, you should just leave now. You’re hopeless and past the point of saving.]


Haley’s Top 5 Netflix Originals:

You MUST WATCH these Netflix Originals before the new series arrive and swallow us whole. This isn’t an order – you won’t be grounded – but you really should watch.

Start immediately. Why are you putting these off? To quote all of my professors, “Don’t expect to pass this exam if you start studying the night before.” I know this isn’t the same thing because there is no exam. I just wanted to quote my professor. Welcome to my classroom.



3 Seasons (Series Complete)

The first Netflix OG I ever watched because it stars Kyle Chandler (heart emoji). Thank goodness you get entire seasons at a time because the need to find out what happens/happened is insane. A black sheep brother returns with threats to expose family secrets, and sibling loyalties are truly put to the test. Things go from 100 to 0 real quick, and the characters get more messed up by the scene. For a family drama, with no romance or supernatural creatures, I was utterly intrigued. You’ve never seen a respected family with so much dirt on their hands.


Making A Murderer 

1 Season (Season 2 TBC)

FREE STEVEN AVERY! I’ve never been so addicted to true crime. This documentary series follows two lawyers desperately trying to prove a man’s innocence – get this – by proving that he was framed. After watching, I’m honestly on #TeamSteven (the guy who was framed and locked up for most of his life NBD). It’s not a secret that the series remains open ended and let’s the audience interpret Steven’s verdict themselves. His team is STILL working toward justice, though can justice truly be served after all this time behind bars?


The OA

1 Season (Season 2 Coming Soon)

Seven years after disappearing, this girl returns home no longer blind, and with a ton of other new abilities. Struggling to save the people she was held hostage with, she recruits a group of unique strangers to help her move through alternate universes by teaching them a very rad dance routine. Seriously. (This is a serious show, but I’m not kidding about the odd body movements. I’ve seen other fans drunkenly reenact the routine in the club.) Every universe is just as thrilling, AND Phyllis from The Office is a series regular.



3 Seasons, (Season 4 Release TBA)

Pablo Escobar is so cray, lol. You think you know the story about the war on drugs, until this series demonstrates just how truly ruthless the Medellin cartel was. Following the drug lords of the late 80s, you experience the cocaine trade in Columbia on the most intense level. The snow (slang for cocaine because I’m “street” like that now) was among the world’s most valuable commodities, and even the legal and political teams involved found themselves feeling a tad conflicted. This show has also been known to inspire people to learn Spanish, which is cool.



2 Seasons (Season 3 TBC)

THIS can be your time traveling fix. It’s like a Sci-Fi drug that results in major withdrawals in-between seasons. Travelers from the future come back to the 21st century to, you know, save the entire human race. These people embody the meaning of teamwork making the world work, and they have a real soft side when their host body allows them to. Yeah, they take over people’s bodies exactly at their historically recorded time of death. The best part is how casual they are about it all. There’s also a turtle, named Poppy, so my biggest fear is not getting a third season.


**Bonus** Marvel’s Daredevil 

2 Seasons (Season 3 Release TBA)

I DON’T NORMALLY PARTICIPATE IN MARVEL FILM OR TV. I started (and loved) this series because the hero (Matt Murdock/Daredevil) seemed too human to be true. I was excited by the fact that he didn’t fly, shoot webs, or have arms bigger than Texas. I wanted more than that, and I got it. This is the humanistic example of real heroism. Although blinded as a child, Daredevil is ridding of the bad guys without using any weapons (he has a strict NO-kill order), and making Hells Kitchen, New York a safer place. Well, he’s trying but there is a new threat every day. It’s great.


NOTE: Don’t feel absolutely horrible if you haven’t caught up on these gems. Even I, a notoriously obsessive freak, have more to discover. I have a “To Watch” list just like anyone else. Mine is probably shorter, though.


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