5 Recent Discoveries: January 2018

Call me Christopher, I just keep on discovering. Remember that when I say “discover,” I’m not claiming I started and or created these objects/ideas. I’m just late to the game.

(I’m referring to Christopher Columbus, the explorer who discovered the new world. Did you get that? I’m only asking because academically, I haven’t referenced Chris since the 7th grade. Socially, I referenced him last week at a party. Don’t ask.)


1. Pilates

They swore it would change your body. I swear it did. I started Pilates (of Joseph Pilates) this past October, desperately trying to up my workout routine. The burn got so real. It was so worth it. These petite, ballerina-type instructors don’t mess around. Muscle really burns fat, and inches turn to pounds. Sure, a healthy diet works too, but I still enjoy Dominoes. I’ve discovered the main difference in my core. I don’t have actual abs or anything, but my abdominal section is much stronger. My posture is better, and I guess I’m taller. I was 5’4 and I am now 5’41/2. Promise.

2. Earrings

I know what you are thinking. What kind of girl is just now getting into earrings? This girl right here, as in me. My overactive mane (meaning, my hair) always covered any pair I tried to wear. What I’ve discovered is that choosing a very obvious, large, and sometimes dangly set of earrings can make all the difference. I have also been wearing my hair up more, but that’s beside the point. Hair up or down, these earrings have been acting as the chandelier to my dining room.


This weekend, a girl said, “I like your earrings.” I said, “Oh, thanks.” It was rad.

3. Rice Makers (for Quinoa)

You put rice in a tin pot? You wait for the water to boil? You wait for the rice to soften? Please, that’s so yesterday. I just started using a Rice Maker, or a quick and easy machine that makes the rice for you. I keep saying rice like I don’t actually use it for my quinoa. Yes, it can miraculously style BOTH. All you do is put half as much water as you do rice (or quinoa), and then press GO. There are many GO options, but the brown rice option makes my grains the fluffiest.

Anyways, save yourself some time. Whoever created this device has a bright future ahead of them.

4. Silk Pillowcases

Silk comes in many forms, mostly in wears like robes, nice blouses, or scarves. I recently experienced silk pillowcases, and not the decorative kind, but the kind you actually sleep on. Because silk is much softer on your skin, I heard that it can actually prevent wrinkles. Not sure if the wrinkle thing has been proven, but why risk it? I’ve been searching for affordable silk linens online.


I fear cheap material, so I believe I will have to physically visit a JC Penny or something. Not to mention, you never have to flip your pillow over in the night because silk always stays cool.

5. Brunch

Brunching is so popular. Who knew? Well, I did, but I never got involved. I’ve never been one to jump out of bed so easily after a night out. I can’t hang like that. Recently, I have participated in hangover-free brunching, and had an epiphany concerning my social life. I should get out more. There is a whole new world on Saturday/Sunday mornings that I have yet to discover. The amount of un-tasted lattes, mimosas, and vegan breakfast dishes are overwhelming. I’m not a vegan. It’s just nice to enjoy a sunny day from somewhere besides my bed, Vitamin D and all.


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