Why The Secrecy?

As the world knows, Kylie just had her baby. (By world, I mean our earth and every other planet out there. I think her Lip Kit launched in space.) Anyway, it’s a girl, because who in their right mind would let any more boys into that family? I truly believe they use medical advances to keep building their female army.

She finally utilized her YouTube channel to post a video that showcased a bit of her pregnancy titled, “To Our Daughter.”

This video has 50 million views, so that really sums up what is important to people these days.

So, why was she so closed off? Why become a recluse? I’ve come up with a few possible answers, hoping the last one is the right one. Although Kylie is the Kardashian (or Jenner, whatever) that I least relate to, or “keep up” with at all, I would like to give her the benefit of the doubt.


1. Publicity

I have a strange feeling that the crew of Keeping Up With The Kardashians officially documented her isolated pregnancy, and this will be bait for next season, OR season 2 of Life of Kylie. Everyone knew she was pregnant, so why act like nobody knows she was pregnant? All of her sisters and even her Momager were in on it. She didn’t post on social media for, like, two weeks at a time. In Kardashian world, that’s a century. Maybe they knew their secrecy and MIA status would set the fans into a frenzy, upping their ratings and making them even more relevant. I mean the media turned into private investigators, full of headlining speculation. It’s ridiculous that this pregnancy was the case to be cracked.

2. Insecurity

Because she is only 18 years old, she isn’t quite ready for that Mom bod. A Mom bod isn’t a bad thing when you are ready to embrace it, just ask Kim and Kourt, who both had nude photoshoots and bikini candids to commemorate the occasion. Maybe she is just a bit nervous about her curvy body and surreal life chapter. If anything, that would be the most understandable and relatable response. She’s young, and she’s experiencing something entirely new, even newer than the sudden childhood change of growing up on reality TV. Letting this hesitation speak to her – to protect herself from the haters AND protect her experience – is not the wrong choice.

3. Privacy

This pains me to say, but maybe she just did something very sensible, and even admirable. Maybe she actually strived for her privacy in order to keep something private, even if it’s the only thing she will ever keep private in her entire life. Her first pregnancy has undoubtedly been one of the most special stages in her life. The maternal instinct could have immediately kicked in, resulting in her keeping her full term, even the bump, under wraps. When your entire life is on-camera and under the microscope, surely you realize there are certain moments you would rather keep to yourself. Maybe she was sparing herself and her baby girl that moment.


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