Neutral Ain’t Gonna Cut It

You Have To Have An Opinion

Neutrality is overrated, especially if you stay that way only to avoid controversy and debate. Debate can be healthy, despite the horrible example of our current political divide in the world. The phrases “I don’t know,” “I don’t care,” or “You choose. Doesn’t matter to me,” won’t get you anywhere. I mean, sure, for trivial matters such as where to order take out or what movie to see, playing Switzerland isn’t going to kill you. However, when it comes to what you believe in or your moralistic/artistic take on something, your position majorly matters.

Going with the flow is chill when you are making group plans. Other than that, we should each flow freely as individual people. The world is so sensitive these days that I believe people are growing afraid to speak their minds. We spend a valuable amount of our time experiencing, analyzing and observing, so why not discuss what we have learned in the process?

Trust Me, The World Wants To Hear It

Even the opposite opinion can be revitalizing. Imagine if everyone thought the same way about everything, all the time? The world runs on new opinions, new ideas, and new solutions. They might not admit it, but other people want to hear your stance, even if they don’t agree. Anyone who can’t handle an opinion that’s not their own is not going to like what’s coming. The future will only ask for more life altering questions and answers. Shoot, even our president got where he is by completely un-filtering himself and saying exactly what he was thinking. He definitely could have said it better (he is in urgent need of media training), but you can’t deny it worked in his favor. Transparency can be strangely refreshing.

This is all coming from someone – me – who has a big opinion on a lot of things. If I’m asked for it, I’m certainly going to give it. I know there are people who regret asking as soon as I open my mouth, but that’s what life is. It’s soaking in the words being spoken around us and applying them to ourselves, turning them into positive reinforcement in the best way we can. Not that we should care what others think of us, but we should at least consider why they think what they think of us. Considering someone else’s P.O.V. doesn’t mean you are giving up on your own. It means that you are being open minded, which is one of the best qualities a person can have. I’m practicing that one myself. I think we all are.

The truth is, it’s possible to give an opinion without being offensive or disrespectful. We could all improve the way we respond to new theories and uncomfortable probabilities. We could all improve our conviction and approach toward other people. It is important to educate and enlighten ourselves on the matter, viewing it from ALL angles, before drawing a conclusion. If you aren’t willing to contemplate another side, then you don’t deserve to defend your own.

I’m just thinking out loud here. We shouldn’t have to apologize for, or justify, how we feel. Every opinion is valid, even the wrong ones. JUST KIDDING, every opinion is valid because everyone’s opinions come from a place of truth based on their own experiences and upbringing. We should all strive for more understanding and less criticism.


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