Reading is a lost hobby. Watching is all the hype.

What about LISTENING?????

Honestly, there is literally a podcast for everyone. Whatever your “thing” is – politics, entertainment, sports, crime, weed, illicit behavior, relationships – there is a cast FOR YOU.

Soon, podcasts will replace your playlists. Podcasts are a traffic jams best friend.

Personally, my favorite podcasts consist of mystery and murder. I die for my crime series, especially those that are still unsolved and actively providing new details every week.

Let’s breakdown what is currently on top of the charts, what has that cult following, and what I’m enjoying ATM (at the moment).



The Joe Rogan Experience

It’s legit an experience. Joe’s guests are just as entertaining as he is. He enjoys working with close friends and no matter where they come from – the comedy, sports, science, or porn world – they always make for great convo.

The Daily, by The New York Times

“How the news should sound.” Spend 20 minutes a day consuming the biggest stories of our time, with the best journalists in the world. If hard news isn’t your thing, it is now. They make sense of what the papers can’t.



The Church of What’s Happening Now

Basically, Joey Diaz downs a ton of edibles and talks about what’s current. No matter where he and his co-hosts eventually take the conversation, it always comes back to some form of marijuana. Also, you can call him Uncle Joey.

Your Mom’s House

Married and making it? This couple is slapstick gold. Their conversations range from ongoing events to their daily lives. It’s real stories from real people, with rad senses of humor. Oh, and matching jumpsuits BTW.




The tru-est crime podcast around that offers one TRUE story over the course of a season. Each episode, you get closer to the real victims and real answers. No reading ahead here. You won’t know how it ends until you get there.

You Must Remember This

Epic Hollywood murders can be the most unnerving. Black Dahlia anyone? There is something about old stories being dug up and reanalyzed that is super cinematic. This podcast is critically acclaimed and genuinely chilling,


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