5 90’s Fashion Fads I’m Loving

Right now, multiple trends are back from their graves and better than ever. I say “better” because although these popular fads still look the way they did before, our hairstyles are SO much more attractive. Therefore, we rock the outfit even harder.

The following have become active attire on my part.

1. Neck Scarves

It’s the bandana scarf, and was the 90s favorite western flare. I like to pull mine up tightly and keep the classic triangular bandana look. You can always go with colors other than red so it’s not too Country. These small scarves also save you from having to wear jewelry. It acts as the centerpiece of the entire fit, kind of like a chandelier.

2. Rock Tees

I’ve spent many years collecting tees from my bands, but I didn’t realize how in they really were. I’m also proud to say that I actually know the songs of the bands I’m representing (because that is a rarity). They pair nicely with ripped jeans or an edgy leather skirt, and make it easy to nail that casual cute you are aiming for most days.

3. Round Sunnies

That Yoko Ono stare, ya feel? Or maybe John Lennon, who she fraternized with. Perhaps the most standard 90s piece, it totally transforms your look. It takes my weekend grunge to a different level. The tiny-ness allows them to fold perfectly into any pocket. Dark lenses are my go-to, although tinted lenses are back on the rise.

4. Combat Boots

AKA, the Doc Martens boot. These oversized, look-like-they-should-go-with-a-trench-coat boots are back on the streets. They aren’t considered as “goth” as they used to be, and can easily pair with any timeless outfit, like jeans and leather jacket. I always feel like I’m wearing clown shoes, but they look super rad in the mirror.

5. Slip Dresses

Yes, it’s literally a dress that seems like it should go under your dress. They are thin, extremely delicate, silky (of course), and I’m obsessed. These simple dresses are so elegant and make me look much classier than I actually am. It’s extremely hard to find the right under garments, but you will figure it out and have never felt sexier.


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