Social Media Influencers of Change

Who do you consider a real influencer to be?


Do you base influencer status off of the numbers OR off of the message?

The meaning of influencer is changing. I predict that the massive followings, memes, skits, nudity, and even your cat videos will not matter in the long run. If we are not influencing change through creative and thought-provoking content, we will not stay relevant.

Most of the current social media influencers are surface level to say the least. Many of them are only about their visual presence, as opposed to their emotional presence online. They have no call to action or end goal. While there is nothing wrong with entertaining the people, that is nothing compared to inspiring the people.

We need to ask ourselves, “What message are we sending the audience?” “Will our online presence be eternally impactful?” No, probably not. Turning people on or making people laugh (both temporary reactions) doesn’t have as much weight as motivating and challenging them would.

The richer the significance, the longer the effect will last.

This doesn’t mean everyone should change their brands or themselves in any way. It just means that we have to dig deeper as a digital society. Not only because the audience clicks out faster than they clicked on, but because providing the audience with new layers, new questions, and new angles will result in the audience growing literally (size wise) and figuratively (as human beings) along with us.

Fitness bloggers should speak about staying healthy on the inside – like, mentally. Fashion and beauty bloggers should remind women that our appearance is about making ourselves feel good and never for anyone else’s benefit. Comedy pages can get real and open up about their biggest fears. Is their sense of humor their shield? We can ALL go beneath the initial, obvious theme and surprise our audience with a new direction.

There is no better time for a change in influencers to happen than RIGHT NOW. If anything, this world and its occupants could use more influential and encouraging leaders, especially online. The negative headlines control our attitudes, but they don’t have to. We can use the same platforms to spread positivity beyond artificial or comedic purposes. Positivity is more than just a distraction on our timelines.

Who would MAKE A DIFFERENCE to you?

Would it be what someone is wearing OR what someone is preaching? I don’t know, just something to think about.


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