Becoming A Royal

Being Royal

Being a Royal means being of – or being related to – a king, queen, emperor, or other monarch. Being a Royal is an all-inclusive package filled with Royal events, Royal duties, Royal castles, Royal carriages, large Royal hats, and real Royal tiaras. Basically, everything is in tip-top Royal shape, as everyone involved has acquired actual Royalty status. **sighhh**

We all think about what being a Royal must be like. We say, “Wow, must be nice.” How nice is it though, really? The original decedents of Royals have grown up in this Royal world their entire life. They don’t know anything different, but I wonder if they’ve ever wanted something different? Do they ever wonder if they are missing out on a more ordinary life? That being said, any ordinary outsider who marries into the Royal family is making a major sacrifice. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad sacrifice, as it’s a sacrifice for love, but it’s still a sense of giving up what they once knew.

The Royal Lifestyle

That’s exactly what being a Royal is… a major lifestyle. The title represents your entire life, and every decision made inside of it. This lifestyle goes beyond proper etiquette and strict fashion guidelines. (Did you know the women in the Royal family must only wear nude-toned nail polish?)

Take jobs, for example. Each Royal has their niche, or hobby, or something they studied for, but their main job consists of Royal duties. The Queen trained as a mechanic, the Prince of Wales is a filmmaker, Princess Anne was an Olympian and Harry was a soldier. They have had success and hard working jobs outside of ruling the country, but their main accomplishment is being who they are: Royal leaders. Any other role they take on has to be deemed honorable and acceptable in the eyes of the Royal family.

What about the activities? Prince Harry consistently pushed the boundaries over the years as far as his social life and what representing the Royal family truly meant. His love for parties was well documented, as was his drunken encounters with the paparazzi. Oh, and there was that time he walked around Vegas naked. I’m positive there were multiple family meetings where the Royals sat him down and reiterated what was considered appropriate and inappropriate.

I don’t mean this in a horrible way, but everything these people do has to represent the Royal family in good manner. Otherwise, it will not be tolerated or allowed. Their reputation is to be respected and to remain that way. They are sworn to a classy, extremely polished lifestyle.

Meghan Markle’s New Normal

We know that Meghan left her role on the hit show Suits behind. While there is no law stating that she can’t continue in her path of work, I don’t see anymore modeling or acting in her future. I believe the publicity that comes with being an actress is too much for such a private family. (Isn’t it ironic that said private family is expected to have their weddings televised?) No source has hinted at what Meghan will get up to next, but many Royal duties, activities and appearances are certainly on her horizon. Luckily, she is an activist by nature and that determination and heart will get her far in any world.

Meghan is estranged from her half-siblings (they have proved untrustworthy and money motivated, as half-sister Samantha Grant is the one writing a “tell all” book and dramatically staged the papparazzi photos of their father, Thomas Markle.) I truly hope she remains close to her parents, who are separated but still very much in her life. Her father has made a few poor decisions since the newfound attention, but it’s obvious he wants to make his daughter proud. The media is always claiming that Meghan now has “the family she never had.” That’s not true. She has a family, she has supportive parents, and I hope she keeps her blood relatives as close as she can.

Meghan doesn’t come from the same class or way of life as her new hubby. She shockingly isn’t even British, but that is why this marriage is so refreshing. She is a normal (also beautiful, intelligent and graceful) girl who fell in love with a Prince. Their story is untraditional, and thanks to the animated Bishop conducting the ceremony, their wedding was also a bit untraditional (by Royal standards anyway).

I hope that Harry and Meghan continue to be untraditional together, and inspire more modernism and progressive alternatives to the lifestyle of the elite.


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