Entertain Your Summer

It’s very important that we stay active and get our Vitamin D this summer. We should all go hiking, post up on a beach, and find bougie hotel pools to sip our Rosé at. However, sometimes we don’t want to do the things we feel like we have to do when it’s warm out. Sometimes, we don’t want to leave the house during the day at all. Digitally entertaining ourselves can be a form of relaxation, and dancing the night away can be our physical activity. Social media scrubs can be the new juice cleanse, and binging TV shows can be our new summer reading list.

I’ve been brainstorming unique ways to chill AND consume for the summer.

1. Rooftop Movies

Our BK Social

Rooftop viewings are super popular this summer, at least in all the major cities. The best part is that they usually show classic movies that you probably haven’t seen in a while. I recently saw Dirty Dancing on top of The Montalbán in LA. It was a unique watching experience, as the tall buildings and city lights surrounded the screen. Everyone listens on headphones so the local tenants are not disturbed. It’s not your typical Saturday night at the movies. Oh, and there is an open bar in the back.

2. Emo Music Nite


Emo Night is spreading across the country as many local bars dedicate one night every few months to throwback punk music. They are not a band. They are DJs who throw parties for music that they love. This is your chance to relive your dark days and wear all black in the middle of summer. Emo Nite is an intimate gathering of emo loving people, complete with emo loving celebrities often in attendance. Tickets are required. Check your city on the tour schedule – I bet they have one!

3. Social Media Scrub

Chicago Now

You can reinvent yourself. Whether it be a cleanse (taking a social break completely) or a scrub, it’s always nice to spend time away from the frenzy of your digital presence. I find it refreshing and a healthy way to stay sane. Once you have rejuvenated your mind, scrubbing your pages clean of false words and images that no longer represent you/your life is like cleaning out your closet, leaving you feeling organized and rid of bad energy that has been useless to you for some time.

4. Become A Gamer


Use your mind for something besides consumption, and execute your concentration skills. I haven’t gamed since the Mario brothers, but the gaming population has only grown. Fortnite, for example, is the “cultural powerhouse” game similar to the ideals of the Hunger Games phenomenon. Targeted for players 8-18 years of age, it has instead captivated an audience of all ages. The fierce competition is real without being incredibly violent. It’s fairly silly with dinosaur costumes and friendly visuals.

5. New Networking

I don’t mean mingling at parties and making new contacts. I mean branching out on your choice of TV genres. I recently discovered that History Channel (nerdy, I know) has some solid scripted TV. Who would have thought? I encourage you to try out a new network or platform that holds a new genre of storytelling for you to experience. It’s like stepping outside of your comfort zone in the fictitious media realm. You might just be into what you think you definitely aren’t into. Don’t box yourself in.


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