Social Media Scrubs


A Social Media scrub will not smell flowery, it will not make your skin smooth, and will not cost a dime from Kiehl’s.

However, it will give your profiles a better representation of the current YOU, it will stimulate your creative brain cells, and it will rejuvenate your soul.

This summer, I encourage you to not only take more frequent breaks from your small screen and scrolling, but also browse your page for photos and words that may not fit your image anymore. A Social Media Scrub is like cleaning out your digital closet. Everyone needs a bit of springsummer cleaning to prepare for autumn. (I love the word autumn. Why do we mostly call the leafy season fall?)

Take One Day Off A Week

It is absolutely okay to take a break from social media. In fact, it’s the healthy thing to do. We don’t realize how influenced we are by an overly active social presence. Our moods, our anxieties, our mental state is all effected by what we are exposed to. Partly due to the amount of negative headlines we see, but mostly due to how much attention and interaction we are (or are not) obtaining on our platforms. Social media has the ability to make us compare ourselves to others, as we witness everyone’s super exciting lives, relationships, and accomplishments that they choose to share for the world to see. Let’s not forget that many people create a “perfect” life online, but it is notthat way in reality. As social media participants, our media consumption has become a huge part of our daily lives. The amount of times we pick up our phones and scroll is uncountable by the end of the day. Having our phones in hand is like second nature. People notice when they misplaced their phone quicker than anything else they own.

Clicking is like breathing, except we DON’T have to click to survive.

Choosing one day a week (Maybe Sunday, the day of rest?) is a great way to experience just how relieving time away from your phone can be. Inspired by celebrities that have spoken out on how social media truly makes them feel (not that good), many users have been deleting their social media apps from their phones. They don’t face the pressure to scroll and search during the day, even when they are bored. They have discovered what it’s like to have quiet moments and work breaks where they exist only with themselves and their surroundings. If they wish, they can login from their iPads or laptops once they get home in the evening. They get their fix without over-consuming in a 24-hour period.

Taking your eyes off of the screen will force you to face the outside world and its inhabitants. Maybe you will have a meaningful conversation with someone new. Or, maybe you will start your morning with prayer/meditation, rather than Instagram.

Cleanse Your Online Aura

I bet you have gone through your tagged photos on Facebook and thought, “Ahhh, I better delete that.” Same here.

Instagram and Twitter work the same way. Most of us have posted a photo or tweeted a Tweet in that past that doesn’t represent us well in the present. This is what growing up is all about, especially for Millennials. Take a look at your page and think about how each post makes you feel. Are you proud of it? Were you in a good place when you posted it? If not, hit DELETE. Then hit YES, I’M SURE I WANT TO DELETE. Many young adults are actually clearing their entire page, wanting a fresh start and understanding that they are now a different person than they were a few years ago. It’s not just about being able to get a job, or ridding of any evidence of the ex-lover. It’s about being responsible with our portrayal of our own life. This doesn’t mean we should care about what everyone else thinks, or that we have to “look our best” online and trick our followers into thinking we are the happiest, luckiest, most adventurous people ever. It’s about being ourselves, and offering our followers the truest version of ourselves. It takes no energy to be yourself, but it’s super exhausting trying to be someone else. Agree, or nah?

I featured this topic in my last episode of The Digi-Social. Click the link for more.


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